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The campagnolo 2006 eurus silver rear rim is sold out or discontinued. We found 1500 related products.
For more than 75 years, Campagnolo has been at the forefront of cycling innovation. From the invention of the quick-release hub to the Gran Sport derailleur, Campagnolo has always tackled difficult challenges with a sense of bravado that's won them a fiercely loyal fan base. So, it's not surprising that Campagnolo spent twenty years and went through six research models to develop the ultimate in electronic shifter design, the Super Record 11 EPS Ergopower Shifters. To make sure they got it right, Campagnolo subjected this electronic breakthrough to over a season under the legs of the MoviStar Team. While long out of reach for non-professionals, Campagnolo' s electronic prototypes are in production, and preferential accessibility is a thing of the past. EPS shift levers are coming to take the cycling world by storm. Campagnolo rethought the mold, quite literally, of lever design when it developed the EPS, or Electronic Power Shift, to surpass its mechanical shifters. While competitors integrated an adjustable lever position into their existing shifters' designs, Campagnolo engineers conducted studies on the ergonomic functionality of shifters to develop the e-Ergonomy Evolution, a re-design of the esteemed Ergopower Levers. Along with new dedicated hoods, the new levers follow the contours of the hand to create more contact and control, direct powerful braking, and full lever usage from any forward position on the bars, and for any hand size. The position of Lever Three, for downshifting, has also changed from the mechanical Super Record; it's now swept down into a smooth, longer contour that requires less compression, and nearly eliminates the long reach of its predecessor. The new Lever 3 makes the downshift more accessible from deep in the drops and more comfortable from the hoods. As expected, Campagnolo engineers have gone above and beyond to accommodate Campy purists wary of electronic shifting by retaining their 'one lever, one shift' motto, and by develop...
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Color: One Color Features: Dual pivot front and rear For years, Campagnolo has been telling us that a rear dual-pivot brake is too powerful and that a single-pivot both reduces the power and sheds weight. That may all be true, and we're not gonna argue it. However, they're bringing back the dual-pivot rear in the updated Campagnolo Record 11 Skeleton Brake Calipers for those who want the dual pivot choice for the rear brakes. But the dual-pivot rear is not the only new feature on the new skeleton brake calipers. They've also re-designed the brake shoes and the brake pads and given them updated graphics. A quick look tells you that the shape of the brake shoe is different -- you can see it from the relieved and skeletonized aluminum and by the new shape of the wheel guides. What's harder to see is that this new design also incorporates a safety tab to prevent the blocks from accidentally falling out. The tab is in the back half of the shoe and is released with a little leverage from a small flat screwdriver. The new shoe also calls for a new pad. Campagnolo's new pads are designed to be a more complete all-weather compound that wears less on the rim. Otherwise, this is largely the same second-generation forged skeleton design that is about strength and ease of use as much as it is about lightness. Strength from the fact that nothing on this brake is machined. Ease of use from the ball-bearing pivots and snappy spring. Lightness from the design as well as a full complement of titanium bolts, nuts, and hardware. The Campagnolo Record 11 Skeleton Brake Calipers have a reach of 40-50mm. The brake quick release is on the brake lever blade. They come in Black.
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After twenty years of research, Campagnolo developed an unrivaled electronic shifting system; it built the Campagnolo EPS Power Unit to house the brains and power source of the system in a case that protects these vital elements from everything under the sun. Digital Tech Intelligence (DTI) is the brains of the entire Electronic Power System (EPS), and performs the most important operations in blisteringly fast time. For movement operations, DTI is in constant communication with the EPS Interface, receiving digital signals from the Super Record 11 EPS Shift Levers, processing them through unique algorithms, and translating that information into the movements for the front and rear derailleurs. Concurrently, DTI is checking and maintaining onboard diagnostics, managing and checking the charge status of the battery pack, and controlling all derailleur automatic correction functions. Impressed yet? It does more. DTI is the fail-safe against all system anomalies in EPS, signaling warnings through an acoustical buzzer on the undercarriage of the Power Unit and transmitting signal to the EPS Interface, which communicates the information to you through a detailed RGB-variant color coding system. It also relays a message upon resolution of any system anomaly. As mentioned, the EPS Power Unit also houses the Battery Pack that powers the Digital Tech Intelligence. The lithium ion Battery Pack holds a charge longer than any electronic shifting system battery in production. In Standby Mode the Battery Pack can retain a charge for six months. In use, the charge autonomy varies by type of usage. At opposite ends of the spectrum, a 310 mile-per-month rider can expect around 964 miles per full charge, whereas a 1242 mile-per-month monster can expect roughly 1260 miles per full charge. Just as the DTI acts as a fail-safe for system anomalies, the Battery Pack has its own failure-prevention system to protect EPS and the battery. Operating at full charge from 11. 1 nominal volts...
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