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The carbon monoxide alarm plug in no installation needed white is sold out or discontinued. We found 241 related products.
Xlab Carbon Wing **Patent Pending** MULTI WORLD CHAMPION WINNER!! SAVE up to 13 secs/40km. LIGHTEST Durable System available 3 MOUNTING POSITIONS . Self Draining PATENTED INSIDE storage/Mini bag area Introduction Our Hydration and Repair carriers have often been copied, but like any copy, it is never as good as the original. With over a decade of experience designing these carriers and winning more Ironman Distance World Championships than all our competitors combined, we have launched the first of the next generation of Xlab Hydration Carriers. Already endorsed by Michelie Jones , the 2007 Ford Ironman Distance World Champion, this new ‘wing will be on winning race rockets for the next several years. Rear carriers should not interfere with the air on the riders back, but instead fill in the turbulence ‘hole behind the riders posterior, thereby reducing the riders drag (which accounts for 64% of energy used on a racing bicycle). Xlab Carbon Wing is designed for 7mm metal saddle rails only. Storage We wanted the next generation of carriers to solve the problem of storing keys, cell phones, cash, tire levers, and other essential items. These and other items can be stored in the Xlab Mini Top Bag which drops vertically and easily into the rear ‘luggage compartment and is secured by the top X-Strap . As you can see below, you have two choices for storing your CO2 cartridges and Nanoflator , or Xlab Speed Chuck on the rear of the Carbon Wing, using the optional hexagonal X-NUT or in the Xlab Mini Top Bag . Tires and tubes are always an issue, so now you can attach them neatly under the Carbon Wing inside the Xlab Tire Lower Bag , Xlab Kona Lower Bag , or without the bag. Hydration With the new Carbon Wing you can use a single bottle cage on the rear or one on each side. These cages have no restrictive protrusion where the bottle enters the cage, instead the bottles are held in place with 4 proprietary X-Grip teeth between the two mounting screws. Adjustable Mounting One of the key features invented by Xlab is the dual mounting holes for the saddle rail clamps. One position sets the bottle cages close to vertical and the other inclines the cages for rider preference. Because of its past success, we have kept the same feature in the Xlab Carbon Wing for customizing the installation. Lightweight We use the latest carbon fibre composite with a special lay-up and resins to provide the toughest carbon carrier on the market with no twisting like other carbon hydration carriers. Without hardware the Xlab Carbon Wing weighs only 55 grams. Options Gorilla Cage X-Nut CO2 Cartridge Nanoflator Speed Chuck Mini Top Bag Tire Lower Bag Kona Lower Bag Day Light Training Strobe Bottom Line The bottom linesimply the most versatile Hydration and Repair system carrier, complete with 2 straps and all mounting hardware. Xlab makes you faster ask the Pros! Download PDF Flier Xlab Carbon Wing ( PDF highlighting the details of the Carbon Wing. ) Includes All Hardware Upper and lower strap sets Instructions Detailed Installation Instructions (pdf)
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Nashbar Carbon Frame and Fork. This bike you're looking at? It's totally boss. That's because it's the all-new Nashbar Di2 carbon fiber frameset. We have them in stock and ready to rock. Sit astride this woven palomino stallion and you'll instantly be transformed into a champion. The stiff and lightweight 3K carbon weave is sturdy enough for all you sprinter studs out there, but feathery light enough for even the littlest waif of a climber to handle with ease. The threaded bottom bracket shell works with pretty much any crankset you have in your spare parts bin, or with a threaded bottom bracket from most manufacturers. But what about the Di2? Ok, we're getting there. The frame is ready to accept whatever Di2 or EPS groupset you've been lucky enough to get your manhooks on. The internal cable routing includes cable stops, so you can use either a Di2/EPS wiring harness or run it as a traditional mechanical bike. There is also a mounting bracket for the battery/control unit on the down tube. And if that doesn't get you all steamed up, nothing will. Round it off with a naked carbon weave finish, a tapered steerer tube, and one heck of a beefed out seat tube cluster and you're looking at a bike that's made for racing, hard riding and just generally going fast. But don't take our word for it; pick up what the peeps are putting down: Got this frame a couple of weeks ago as a replacement to my trusty steel frame...configuration is around 17 lbs...climbing is a breeze on this bike...very responsive and it feels like your whole pedal stroke is going to the rear wheel--no loss! Jim, Vancouver, BC Bought for an Ultegra Di2 build for my wife. Size seems good based on her feedback and the final result looks fantastic and weighs under 16 lb with pedals (54 cm). Saved a ton over buying a complete build...a little over $2k for everything, thanks Nashbar. Georgia, Atlanta, GA
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The Carbon Pro Open Back Full Body is Arena's updated FINA approved racing suit that combines carbon fibers and intelligent compression to help you compete at your best. To deliver a breakthrough solution to the compression challenge, Arena has incorporated carbon fiber into the weave of the POWERSKIN Carbon Pro fabric. Please Note: Due to the tight nature of the fabric, you may want to order two sizes up from your usual technical suit size. Features Open back design. Short leg. FINA approved. Intelligent muscle compression: This protective grid regulates stretching and stiffens when the fabric reaches a critical stress level. Increases support and control where needed. Technology Power return construction: Strategic placement of internal tapes and low profile bonded seams ensure maximum power out of dives and turns. Unprecedented fit and free, easy feeling against the skin. Internal tapes on the legs aid 'spring back' action following each kick and turn. Tapes also assist in stretching prior to your race. Internal tapes placed at key areas provide maximum power out of dives and turns. Optimum fit and freedom of movement remain at all times. Minimum surface drag. Ultimate drag reduction. Water repellent coating. Low profile bonded seams. Mechanical resistance and durability: Integrated carbon threads ensure a stronger, more powerful fabric. Reduced chance of tear when putting it on. Carbon fibers help neutralize electrostatic discharge on muscles. POWERSKIN Carbon Pro endures stretch while remaining comfortable against the skin. Maximum compression for support and control. Improved surface integrity: High-performance woven fabric reinforced with carbon fiber delivers the ultimate strength-to-weight ratio for combined speed and power. Preservation of the integrity of the suit's surface in turn maximizes drag reduction and optimizes water repellency. Fabrication Outer shell: 52% Nylon / 47% Elastane / 1% Carbon. Inner lining: 65% Nylon / 34% Elastane / 1% Carbon.
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Historically, a pair of carbon fiber wheels meant that you'd have to sacrifice braking power as compared to a nice set of aluminum rims. It was just a fact of life with composites. Over the last few years, carbon specific brake pads have gotten much better. The new Reynolds Blue Pads are surprising, and you'll be amazed at how you're able to brake comfortably and in control in emergency situations. Otherwise, they have excellent modulation and provide significant braking quality for minute speed adjustments in the paceline. Reynolds didn't sit still when it came to developing its rims. Reynolds is likewise proactive with the development of its carbon-specific brake pads. Initially, it supplied the popular SwissStop brake pads with its carbon wheels. However, Reynolds has been going with another pad for some time now. The Reynolds pad is a bit different than the near-ubiquitous Yellow stoppers. The main difference is that the rubber compound was formulated to work best with braking tracks that have a scrim embedded in the surface (Reynolds wheels have this). The result is a compound that's a bit softer durometer, but is fine tuned to stop Reynolds rims more efficiently. Reynolds has changed the rubber compound (and the color -- Blue now instead of Black) to increase the braking quality. This yields better heat dissipation, better modulation, and better overall performance in all conditions -- either wet or dry. Another benefit of the Blue pads is that they are less apt to annoying squeal. Reynolds Carbon Brake Pads are available in the color Blue. There are two designs -- one for Shimano/SRAM-style brake shoes and one for Campagnolo-style brake shoes. Please Note: The Campagnolo-specific set fits 2011 and newer brake pad holders with the retainer spring, but it is also backwards compatible with previous generation pad holders. One set includes four brake pads, enough for both your front and rear brake calipers.
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