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The cleveland golf light weight cart bag black is sold out or discontinued. We found 601 related products.
588 Custom Driver Lightweight meets Adjustability Cleveland Golf s most complete driver to date, the new 588 Custom Driver, is also the longest they ve ever made and can be easily customized to fit every performance demand off the tee. John Rae, Cleveland's vice president of research and development, says the race for maximizing theoretical distance isn't as important anymore. Rather, it's optimizing how drivers work for particular players. It's about determining what weaknesses players have and how we can design to fight those weaknesses, he says and is why the 588 Custom is designed with a relatively lighter weight (a total weight of just over 300 grams, or nearly 10 percent lighter than some leading adjustable drivers) and with the center of gravity shifted low and back within the head. The light weight increases the potential for higher swing speeds, while the rearward CG, aided by a weight screw in the rear sole, helps the club create more dynamic loft at impact in an effort to increase average player's launch angles. The all-around design and adjustability of the 588 Custom Driver s 460cc titanium head offers the greatest combination of distance, forgiveness and accuracy in any driver Cleveland has ever made. It's ready for whenever you want to launch it, control it, or work it - and based on exhaustive testing along with tour validation is sure to set your game at an all new performance level. Features Precision adjustability with 12 different settings to precisely tune loft, lie and face angle loft and lie have a total range of 3 , while face angle has a total range of 4.5 . The back of the sole has an adjustable weight screw to optimize swingweight. Advanced wall construction allows more weight to be optimally positioned lower in the club head for a higher, more penetrating flight. Cleveland Golf s latest enhanced variable face thickness technology creates a supremely large sweet spot fo
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