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Combat Commander: Fall of the West - Combat Commander: Battle Pack #5 Fall of the West is the fifth themed collection of scenarios for use with the Combat Commander series of games. The theme of this Battle Pack shifts to actions in France Belgium and Norway from late April to June 1940 looking at critical moments in this brief span where the forces of both sides tested each other sorely. To reflect this the scenario special rules are designed to make the Allied Minor hand exhibit flexibility (which was demonstrated whenever higher echelon interference was reduced). CCFall of the West features twelve new scenarios printed on cardstock as well as ten new maps. Special experimental AFV Rules are featured in four of the scenarios where tanks are facing infantry in settings that reveal how the doctrines armaments and countermeasures were still early in development. While unfettered races by companies of tanks across the countryside remain a landmark image of the blitzkrieg we found many instances of a more tentative level of engagement suitable for our attempt at capturing an unusual element in the CC scope TANKS! The new maps depict specific locations in France Belgium and Norway which have been located and specifically verified (from the sky maps and in texts). The player will discover the actual names of roads and other terrain features as a reminder of the reality of the events. The scenarios included in CCFall of the West are: 74 'Sturmgruppe Granit' starts with the daring glider landings on top of Fort Eben Emael and serves as the opening to the Fall of the West 10 May 1940; 75 'Sturmgruppe Beton' set near Maastricht Belgium with another element of the glider landings facing fierce counterattack by Belgian forces 10 May 1940; 76 'A Most Gallant Dirty Little Imp' set at the Dyle River Belgium featuring heroic leadership by the first winner of the Victoria Cross in WW2 15 May 1940; 77 'The Crucible of Fire' set at Petegem Belgium
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Used by Spec Op soldiers for instant confidence… Why Are U.S. Special Forces Combat Experts So Thrilled With This Little Martial Arts “Lab-Geek”?Why? Because His Incredible New Discovery Is The Astonishing Scientific KEY To Easily Defeating Larger… More Aggressive Opponents… Even Multiple Attackers… Without ANY Fancy Kicks, Punches or Strikes!This New Cutting-Edge ACT System Virtually Eliminates aralyzing Brain-Freeze… Allowing You to Tap Into Your Body's Own Brutal… Vicious… And Devastatingly-Effective Natural Fighting Instincts -- No Matter What Your Size or Skill Level!At first I didn't believe it either. A martial arts lab geek developing a devastating new scientific fight system. Natural. Easy-to-learn. No complex kicks or punches. Bypasses the part of the brain that causes freeze-up. Sounded way too good to be true.And I can say that this ACT system is nothing short of astonishing. It's based on simple… natural… and easy-to-learn strategies already hardwired into the instincts of the human body. That's why it took a martial artist who studied biology in college to figure this out.The military loves it because what Shannon Stallard discovered in the biology lab has created a new way to quickly train men to fight like wild animals. No… not crazy and loose, but extremely focused… brutal… even deadly. Like a lion, who can bypass the fear factor and get the job done in a split second of violence.That's what got the Spec Op trainers interested. Because the world has changed — even the advanced fighting systems of five years ago are old hat in the field. They demand the most cutting edge stuff. And -- like this ACT system — it must be PROVEN.That's why this is such a hot deal for you -- almost NO civilian has access to these secrets right now. Shannon agreed to share it with us ONLY because of my inside connections and stellar reputation among U.S. Special Forces insiders.Now if Spec Op soldiers use this everyday to save their lives in the hot-combat zones of Iraq and Afghanistan…You Can Bet This Will Work For You!Here's what's happening: Shannon Stallard is a little guy — he's maybe 5'9 180-pounds — and he doesn't mind one bit being called a biology lab geek. In fact he was so fascinated with how the human body and brain functioned that his college biology professor actually hired him on staff.But what really surprised Shannon's fellow biology geeks was that…Shannon Is Also One Of The Most Respected Martial Artists On The Planet!His credentials are MORE than impressive. He studied martial arts for 27-years -- (since he was 6-years-old)… trained in Tae Kwon Do (at the famous Jhoon Ree centers)… studied Kempo Karate… trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for 10 years… 14 years of hard-core teaching experience… head instructor of the nationally acclaimed Gangbusters program… earned black belts in Japanese Shorin Rue Karate, Sekie Rue Jiu-Jitsu, and Tagakure Rue Ninjitsu… earned a 3rd Dan in Korean Hwarang-do (used for training Special Forces and Navy SEALs)… and on and on… and on!I could go on for another 20 pages about Shannon's martial arts credentials. No kidding!Then Shannon did something that stunned the martial-arts world: He expertly combined his unique skills -- his vast knowledge of biology… how the human brain functions under stress… and his astonishing martial arts accomplishments…To Create One Of The Most Effective New Natural Fighting Systems Ever!This ACT program was specifically developed to address the dirty little secret that Shannon observed in nearly ALL martial arts. That is -- martial arts techniques are simply way too complex and just cannot hold-up under the stresses of real-world fighting.The main problem — brain freeze. No… not a Slurpy headache.What I mean is this: When the $h!@ hits the fan -- when you're under sudden attack — instantly overcome with shock, fear and adrenaline -- it doesn't matter one
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Winchester, Remington, Ithaca Gun Company, Stevens, Savage, Mossberg, Benelli, and other gun manufacturers have produced a range of combat shotguns for US armed forces. When a soldier must face multiple opponents at close quarters, few weapons can match the shotgun. From World War I to the War on Terror, the shotgun has been a devastating weapon in the hands of US troops. For urban combat, prisoner control, and shipboard operations it remains as deadly today as it was a century ago. Early combat shotguns were basically sawed-off versions of the double-barreled shotguns used for sporting purposes. The Winchester Model 97 slide-action shotgun, first used in 20in-barreled riot gun form during the Philippine Insurrection, would remain in service in one form or another at least until the Vietnam War. During World War I shotguns were obtained in riot gun versions and also in trench gun versions (trench guns had a ventilated handguard added that allowed the mounting of a bayonet; riot guns did not have this feature). Joining the Model 97 as trench guns were the Winchester Model 12 and Remington Model 10, while these slide-action weapons plus the Remington Model 11, a semi-automatic, also served as riot-guns. So effective was the trench shotgun that Germans claimed it was inhumane and violated the Rules of War, threatening to execute troops captured carrying a shotgun. The various Banana Wars saw the use of World War I military shotguns still in the armories. During World War II, Winchester Model 12 and Model 97 trench and riot guns were joined by the Ithaca Model 37, Remington Model 11 and Model 31, Stevens Models 520-30 and 620A, and Savage Model 720. The US Marines found the shotgun useful for the close combat they encountered in the jungles during World War II, in humid conditions that necessitated the development of military brass-case shotgun shells, while OSS agents found single-shot shotguns useful for arming guerillas in Burma, the Philippines, and elsewhere. During the Korean and Vietnam Wars the same types of shotguns deployed during World War II were used, though some additional models were acquired as riot guns, including the Remington Model 870, Savage Model 77E, Winchester Model 1200, and Winchester Model 25. In Vietnam shotguns were used by point men and others on patrol, while members of the US Navy SEALs especially liked shotguns for launching ambushes in the Mekong Delta. During the period since the First Gulf War new combat shotguns have been adopted by the US military, such as the Mossberg 500 series, including one trench-gun model, and the Benelli 1014. More recently during the War on Terror, shotguns have been used to clear cave complexes in Afghanistan and buildings in Iraq, but especially to blow doors open during entries and searches. Featuring specially commissioned full-color artwork, this is the story of the origins, development and use of the combat shotgun in US service, from the trenches of World War I to the cave complexes of Afghanistan.
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