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The console black with wii fit plus balance board bundle nintendo wii is sold out or discontinued. We found 77 related products.
You're in the midst of an intense game. Your hands are sweating, your fingers are numb and there is no way you can stop now. You switch from your controller to your Kinect sensor to give your hands a rest and keep the game going. Then, suddenly, your friend is calling you via Skype. Don't pause your game now. Rather than interrupting your concentration, your friend appears on your TV screen while you play. After a quick discussion, he decides he wants to join you too. He switches on his game and before you know it, the two of you are engaged in tense multiplayer action together, still calling out commands and encouragement. When the game ends a bit later, you're satisfied, but certainly mentally and physically exhausted from your victory. You decide to unwind with your favorite movie. You settle into your favorite spot on the couch, choose a film from OneGuide on your Xbox One and allow the brilliant graphics to fill the screen and transport you to your next great adventure.With your Xbox One Console, anything is possible. You can access games, multiplayer action, movies, music, sports and live TV all with one device. Your games become more engaging and realistic than ever thanks to the exclusive Xbox One games, such as Ryse: Son of Rome, Forza Motorsport 5 and Dead Rising 3, that capture the look and feel of Hollywood films in spectacular new gameplay. And you can keep the games going like never before with the advanced precision of your Kinect sensor and dynamic multiplayer options, including Smart Match matchmaking via Xbox Live and Home Gold local multiplayer options. And while you play, choose to split your screen to watch TV, chat with friends on Skype or switch between the various functions at any time. The OneGuide puts all your favorite TV shows, movies and apps conveniently at your fingertips. You can even activate dual-screen entertainment with the SmartGlass feature that utilizes your compatible tablet or mobile phone. And with more than 300,000 servers, your Xbox One ensures a reliable multiplayer experience. Best of all, your Xbox One has been designed for the digital age and powered by Cloud technology, so your Xbox One will continue to improve over time. Enter the newest age of entertainment, where almost anything you can imagine exists in one place.Product FeaturesAll-in-one entertainment systemIncludes Xbox One Console, Kinect sensor, wireless controller, chat headset, HDMI cable and power supply.Xbox One consoleAccess games, multiplayer action, movies, music, sports and live TV all with one device.Xbox One-exclusive gamesCapture the incredibly realistic look and feel of Hollywood films in enhanced games, such as Ryse: Son of Rome, Forza Motorsport 5, Dead Rising 3 and more.While you playWatch TV, chat with friends on Skype or switch between various actions constantly.Smart MatchSmart and fast matchmaking for unrivaled multiplayer action on Xbox Live (membership required, not included). Offers more than 300,000 servers to provide reliable multiplayer gamplay.Cloud-poweredEnsures your Xbox One will keep getting better over time.Home GoldExtends multiplayer to almost anyone in your home (Home Gold benefits limited to single Xbox One in Gold member's home; restrictions apply. See you browse TV shows, movies and apps in one place.Advanced Kinect sensorProvides precise voice and gesture control.SmartGlassBrings dual-screen entertainment to your tablet or compatible mobile phone
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