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The cooking mama cook off for nintendo wii is sold out or discontinued. We found 412 related products.
When you look at its admirable list of attributes, it's easy to see why the Wusthof 6-in. Classic Ikon Cook's Knife is so popular with our customers. An essential tool in any kitchen, a chef's knife does just about everything from breaking down large cuts of meat to mincing the smallest cloves of garlic. Wusthof has taken this basic utility piece and elevated it to new heights by improving both style and functionality. Starting with the handle, the attention to comfort and quality is evident. Made of ultra-smooth polypropylene, the handle rests snugly in your hand and is both crack- and warp-resistant. The bolster, the thick strip of heavy metal located along the top (non-cutting) part of the knife where the blade meets the handle, shows the same amount of care in its design; it's short enough to allow easy sharpening of the entire length of the knife's blade yet long enough to contribute to the knife's superior balance and stability, making your prep time just that much safer and your slicing skills just a little bit stronger. The blade is forged from high-carbon stainless steel and measures 6 inches in length, making it ideal for cooks with smaller hands or anyone who likes a little more control. The blade attaches to the handle using a traditional triple rivet and full tang, meaning the knife's blade is one single piece -- an unquestionable sign of a knife's superior quality and craftsmanship. Best Used For: The ultimate multipurpose tool, this chef's knife is great for tackling a wide range of slicing and dicing jobs, big or small.
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