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The dalbello viper 10 ski boot mens is sold out or discontinued. We found 394 related products.
Ladies looking for a smooth-flexing boot with a relatively snug and high-performance last would do well to check out the Dalbello Krypton Chakra Women's Ski Boot. It has the same 95 flex as the Kyra, but a last that's three millimeters narrower for a slightly more aggressive feel, along with tech taken from Dalbello's more aggressive freeride boots, making the Chakra perfect for intermediates who like to ski hard without scaring themselves silly. Since the Kyra's a Dalbello, it's not surprising that it uses the company's classic three-piece Cabrio Design Architecture, which features a stiff lower shell and cuff along with an easy-flexing tongue for plenty of lateral power transmission without overwhelming front-to-back stiffness or the shin bang that comes with it. The Chakra's also been hooked up with a pre-punched Contour 4 shell fit designed to accommodate your navicular, metatarsal, and ankle bones, and a Trufit Performer Lady liner that works with the shell to give you a snug, slop-free fit without pinching or squeezing your toes to death. Dalbello also built in a Low Contour Profile cuff, which has a lower cut and higher volume for women's calves, and gave the Chakra the same Dynafit rearfoot retention system and inverted forefoot buckle as its freeride boots for a performance fit without the pain. Throw in adjustable flex, canting, and lean options, replaceable toe and heel lugs, and a centered stance designed to drive today's bigger skis, and the Chakra's more than ready to venture all over the mountain with you.
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If face-melting speeds, sphincter-clenching cliff drops, and massive straightlines are in your future, count on the Dalbello Men's Krypton Pro I. D. Ski Boot to join you for the ride. Designed with a center-balanced Rocker stance to optimize performance on ultra-wide and rockered skis, the legendary Krypton features a 130 flex and precise 98mm last that provide expert-level performance, power, and sensitivity for charging big lines, hucking cliffs, and pushing the envelope. The Krypton's shell and cuff are made of rigid polyurethane for bomber lateral stability and power transmission at speed, but the Kinetic Response tongue (make that tongues--it comes with interchangeable stiff and medium offerings) is made with polyamide for a smooth, progressive flex that's comfortable when you're cruising and provides burly stiffness when you don't want anything wishy-washy on high-consequence lines. This three-piece design--Cabrio architecture, Dalbello calls it--is the company's signature, and it's tough to argue with the results. Of course, all the fancy designs in the world are irrelevant if the boot doesn't sit well on your foot, but the Krypton's designed to fit like a glove, with multiple canting, flex, and lean adjustment options in addition to the heat-moldable I. D. Thermo Pro heat-moldable liner and ergonomically designed Contour 4 shell fit. The buckles are also built to help dial in the perfect fit--the midfoot Dynalink rearfoot retention system attaches to the shell, rather than the cuff, to pull your heel into the heel pocket without interfering with the boot's flex, and the toe buckle closes on top to push your foot down into the bootboard (again, the Krypton comes with both firm and shock-absorbing options) for a slop- and pinch-free fit. Taken all together, this gives the Krypton sensitivity, power, and precision that most big-mountain-freeride boots just can't match.
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Blending a comfortable, mid-wide last with a moderate level of stiffness and a bevy of killer features, the Dalbello Panterra 100 Ski Boot is perfect for intermediate skiers looking to slice and dice the whole mountain from top to bottom. It's designed using Dalbello's signature three-piece Cabrio Design Architecture, which uses a stiff lower shell and upper cuff to provide loads of lateral stiffness, along with a progressively flexing external tongue that gives the boot a smooth and consistent flex without the pain of tradition two-piece boots. The tongue design also makes the Panterra easy to get on and off, so your mornings will stop being the most painful part of your day. In addition to the three-piece design, Dalbello's Contour 4 shell fit features pre-punched areas designed to comfortably accommodate navicular, metatarsal, and ankle bones, and a Trufit 2. 0 Performer liner that's specially formed to fit with the Panterra's shell shape. It's also heat moldable, if you'd like to fine tune the fit even more, and the shell comes with an adjustable heel inclinator, canting mechanism, and flex, so you can dial it in to your exact specs. If all that still doesn't float your boat, check out the Dynalink rearfoot retention system, which uses a flexible cuff-to-cuff link to lock your heel securely into the heel pocket, and the Variable Volume Fit system, which lets you dial in the fit on the toe buckle and take the boot on and off without having to undo or readjust it. Dalbello also tossed in a ski/hike switch and replaceable rubber sole to let you cruise through parking lots and up in-bounds ridge hikes, so you can get to the good without slipping and sliding like a baby deer on a frozen pond.
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