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The dead island for playstation 3 is sold out or discontinued. We found 1127 related products.
San Francisco Salt Company Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salt Lavender - 28 oz. (794g) San Francisco Salt Company Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salt Lavender is 100% pure and mineral rich salt from the Dead sea in Israel. San Francisco Salt Company Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salt Lavender contains a unique variety of minerals that will help detox, cleanse and soften your skin. San Francisco Salt Company Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salt has been enriched with the relaxing scent of lavender. Frequently Asked Questions Is bathing really better than taking a shower?Yes. Soaking in hot water for an extended period of time has been proven to have many benefits - when combined with bath salts the benefits are even greater. Bathing, when done properly, can lead to softer skin, a better night's sleep, lower blood pressure, and is a treatment for many skin conditions I've started taking baths more often, but a friend told me that when you soak, you're bathing in your own dirt. Is this true?No. Once bacteria, dirt and toxins are lifted out of your body, they will not go back in. When you bathe in warm water, your pores open. When you add high-quality bath salts, toxins are pulled out and drawn from your pores. You'll notice a ring around your tub - this is a good thing! That is the evidence of what has left your body - and it will stay out for good. Okay, so now I have a ring around my tub. How can I avoid this?You cannot avoid it - and again, when it comes to your body, it means you are now clean. All that dirt and grime has been drawn out of your skin and won't return. The easiest way to clean the sides of your tub are to gently scrub the surface while water is still in the tub - don't drain the tub and let it dry, and don't wait a few days before cleaning it. Step out of the tub, grab a sponge, and let the water and the pressure remove the stain. They say that bathing is a fountain of youth.
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Kur Dead Sea Body Mud This is our Kur Dead Sea Body Mud. Long known for its healing properties and very high concentration of minerals, the Dead Sea has offered mud users relief from aching joints, stiffness, skin problems and other toxic ailments. Add essential oils to incorporate aromatherapy into this skin treatment. Gallon must be mixed; 26 oz ready to use. This is a Raw Dead Sea Mud Product. It is NOT ready to use as is. Mixing is required. Mixing Recommendations: Distilled Water, Aloe Vera Juice, Milks, Yogurts or Hydrosols of any type. Mix to desired consistency. Best application consistency is similar to slightly thinned pudding. Customize per client with essential oils - 1-3%. Use 1/2 oz per facial, 4-5 oz per body wrap Ingredients: Maris Limus (Sifted (with High Magnesium Dead Sea Brine) & Unscented Dead Sea Mineral Mud), Parfume (Lightly scented less than .5%). Recommended Use: Apply this mud to the body, wrap the client in plastic wrap and apply heat for 20-25 minutes to allow the mud to draw impurities from the body. Leaving it on longer will actually shrink inches from legs, arms and the waist! Shelf Life: 9 Months Note: Variations of colors from browns, grays & blacks are normal for this product. At times, sulfur tones may be more dominant based upon different mining areas. Due to high mineral content - this mud may feel thermal on some skin types. Should this occur, blend with other muds or clays to break the strength or work up to mud drying on skin. If separation occurs, stir before use.
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Dead Sea Black Mud Facial Mask The only mask that detoxify, repair and replenish skin from the inside out. Our Collagen Black Mask series has  a unique hydrogel that contains collagen, moisturizing and detoxifying ingredients to bring out the best in your skin.   They are black due to a key detoxifying ingredient found deep in ocean beds, namely sea mud.   Collagen Crystal Dead Sea Black Mud Facial Mask.   The only mask that can detox, repair and replenish.   Smooth away fine lines and feed your skin with our innovative hydrogel. Collagen Face mask containing Dead Sea Mud for detoxification, Hyaluronic Acid and NMF for moisture and plant extracts for calming.   This cling-on mask offers 10 times more moisture and nutrients than that of ordinary facial masks. The ingredients condensed on this mask will gradually dissolve and be absorbed directly by your skin cells, regenerating and repairing them in just 30 minutes!   The Effect:   Your skin is immediately firmer and visibly moisturized; skin tone is brightened up and fine lines are softened, due to the replenishment of lost collagen. Its soothing effect can relieve skin irritation caused by sunburn and laser treatments. Complete and intensive facial care in a single mask.   Ingredients:   Collagen powder, PDO, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Moisturizing Agent, Allantoin, Golden Essence, Vitamin E, Ginkgo, Serum Protein. Deep Sea Mud. How to use: Cleanse and thoroughly dry your face. After opening the foil package and peel off the plastic liner. For the best result, use the mask immediately after opening the foil package. Apply the mask as shown, smooth the mask gently to ensure good contact with the skin. Wear the mask for about 30 mins or wear the make while you sleep.(not more than 12 hours). Remove the mask gently. Do not reuse the mask.    Caution Avoid using on broken skin. Stop using the products if you feel any discomfort. Keep away from children.   For external use only.   Collagen Crystal Dead Sea Black Mud Facial Mask instant and complete skin renewal and detoxification results can be seen after the first application. Use weekly or continue for 3 to 14 days for total skin rejuvenation.   Specification:   1 Mask per package
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