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Demons are real and demons can even afflict Christians. Though some might debate one or both of these statements, Whyte is convinced that the Bible and his own experiences have both proven each statement to be true. And if he is right, it raises a lot of important questions about demons and how they affect us. He wrote this book as a practical handbook to answer some of those questions.Whyte begins by discussing our authority in Christ, and gives examples of how that authority has come forth in deliverance. He offers valuable information about how deliverance is accomplished, and what its impact on believers can be. Then Whyte looks at several distinct types of demonic personalities which he has encountered, and which are likely to be encountered by other believers. He discusses how Christians can protect themselves during deliverance ministry, and how to ensure that deliverance is final and lasting. His emphasis throughout the book is the freedom that is available to Christians through the blood of Christ.But what really sets this book apart is its extensive question and answer section. Whyte looks to the Bible and his experiences to answer questions about the nature of deliverance, how demons can impact and affect believers, different types of demons, how to enact a deliverance ministry, and even some common objections which are raised against deliverance ministry. Examples of questions include: What exactly is a demon? How does a person come under demonic influence? Can we inherit demons from our anscestors? Can a Christian be possessed by a demon? How can Christians resist the powers of darkness? Can anybody cast out a demon? Are there dangers inherent in deliverance ministry? and many others.Eminently practical, and thoroughly scriptural, this book will likely become a standard for deliverance ministries. If you are skeptical about demonic activity in our contemporary world, this book may change your mind. If you are convinced about the activity of demons in our time, this book will help to motivate you to take your place in this important spiritual battle. Its emphasis on our authority in Christ is a timely reminder of the power and promise of God with us. You too can be a part of this battle, and help to free people from the tryanny and cruelty of the demonic.
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With his trademark candor and insight, Merrill Unger attempts to answer a common question (perhaps the most common one) pertaining to demons: Can a Christian be indwelt by a demon? Can a child of God be demon possessed? The answers to this question run the gamut from a definitive no! (with an implied statement of the inability of demons to afflict Christians) to an equally definitive yes! (with the implication that a Christian can be totally controlled by demonic forces). Unger favors an answer that lies somewhere in the middle, and accepts that even Christians can be afflicted by demons, if they, through sin, allow the devil a foothold.Unger recognizes the nature of the battle we find ourselves in, and this book, published in 1977, functions as a prophetic look at our own culture. Though Unger died in 1980, his understanding of satanic and demonic activities then paints a vivid picture of what has happened now through the occult and the rise of ritual satanism.His emphasis on the armor available to the believer through Christ reminds us that in our own strength, we will fail when we face the devil. But in the strength of Christ, through the Holy Spirit in us, we can have victory over Satan and his forces.Unger minces no words about the prospects of attack from satanic and demonic forces. He reminds us that saints who are really living for God and seeking to obey Him are the most likely targets for satanic attack.And knowing that we are a likely target is the best place to start. But it is not enough, and Unger exhorts us to know who we are in Christ, and what is available to us. He also exhorts us to understand, as far as we are able, Satan's motives, tactics and practices, so that we can anticipate and avoid them. This book can help us to understand both who we are in Christ and what to expect from the devil.
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