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The denon dbp 4010 blu ray player is sold out or discontinued. We found 30 related products.
Live Sound Processing - Any professional AV installation can benefit from the supreme sound and flexibility of the Denon DN-500AV surround preamplifier. If you're running video along with a large-scale audio system, Sweetwater highly recommends the DN-500AV as a great way to maintain your audio quality. In short, you connect your HDMI signal to the DN-500AV, and pass through the HDMI video to your projector or screen. You then connect the balanced XLR outputs to feed your 5.1 or 7.1 surround system. Because you're dealing with high-quality balanced audio outs instead of the typical unbalanced RCA outs on most decoders, you'll enjoy pristine, wide-ranging audio with virtually no noise.Denon DN-500AV Surround Preamplifier at a Glance:The right way to distribute audio in a large facilityFlexible I/O for easy integrationKey lock feature protects your setup configurationThe right way to distribute audio in a large facilityIn large facilities, your audio equipment is rarely adjacent to your video gear. So how do you take a digital HDMI signal, split the video to your projector, and send the audio to your speaker system, all without introducing lots of noise due to long cable runs? The DN-500AV is your solution - it supports 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound on balanced XLR outputs, which means you can run audio cables wherever you need without sacrificing top-notch sound quality.Flexible I/O for easy integrationWhether you're setting up a multimedia museum exhibit or designing an impressive home theater, the DN-500AV has you covered with flexible input and output options.You've got six individual HDMI inputs, with one output to pass video through to your video system. You also have two analog component video inputs and one output. You can conveniently play media directly from portable devices and USB memory, and you can even stream audio and pictures over a network.Key lock feature protects your setup configurationOnce you've gotten the Denon DN-500AV dialed in for your installation, the last thing you need is some well-meaning passerby fiddling with buttons and changing settings. Thankfully, Denon included a key lock feature for the front panel. Denon DN-500AV Surround Preamplifier Features:High-quality surround sound decoder and preamplifierTakes an HDMI or component input, and splits the audio outs to balanced XLR outputsCan play media directly from portable devices and USB drives, and can stream audio/pictures over a networkFront panel key lock feature protects your settingsCan be controlled remotely via RS-232c or IPInfrared remote control included4U rackmount kit includedDistribute surround sound audio with top-notch quality, with the Denon DN-500AV! PA Management
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Denon Avrx2000 7.1channel 4k Ultra Hd Networking Home Theater Av Receiver With Airplay - The AVRX2000 INCommand 7.1 Channel Network Home Theater Receiver offers cuttingedge digital audio decoders, network functionality, and sophisticated video upscaling. Equipped with the latest highresolution digital audio decoders, this receiver includes Dolby TrueHD and DTSHD Master Audio. The sophisticated video processor includes SDtoHD upscaling, along with 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160) for the next generation of 4K Ultra HDTVs. Thanks to network functionality, the AVRX2000 supports Internet radio services such as SiriusXM, Pandora, and Spotify. Compatible with Apple's AirPlay technology, the receiver also lets you stream music from your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad as well as from iTunes on your PC or Mac. With the free Denon Remote App, you can easily control the AVRX2000 with your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.AVRX2000 INCommand 7.1 Network Home Theater ReceiverAudyssey Silver built inFully discrete, Class A.B amplification all 7 channels (95w x 7ch)1080p and 4K Ultra HD upscaling and passthrough7 HDMI inputs . 1 outputAudyssey Silver BuiltInThe AVRX2000 comes with Denon's Audyssey Silver package, which includes Audyssey MultEQ XT, Audyssey Dynamic Volume, and Audyssey Dynamic EQ.Audyssey MultEQ XT calibrates the system for up to eight different seating positions, and it uses more and higher quality filters for better results, especially in the bass region (i.e. frequencies below 200Hz). As a result, bass is more impactful and is more evenly distributed throughout the room.Audyssey Dynamic Volume senses the impending arrival of very loud sounds and automatically reduces the difference between normal and extraloud programming. Additionally, Audyssey Dynamic EQ automatically adjusts subwoofer and surround speaker levels for maximum performance at any playback volume.The Denon Setup Assistant simplifies installation and allows you to optimize the AVRX2000 for your speaker setup.
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Features: Brand Name : Denon Model : AVR-E200 Output Wattage : 165 Watts From the Manufacturer Experience immersive 5.1 channel surround sound along with easy setup and use with the Denon AVR-E200 A/V receiver. It's equipped with the latest Dolby and DTS high-definition surround sound decoding that lets you enjoy a rich surround sound experience with your favorite DVD and Blu-ray movies and concerts. The on-screen display combines clear text and easy-to-understand graphics, making setup simple and providing easy day-to-day operation. AVR-E200 5.1 Channel Home Theater Receiver Experience 165 watts x 5 channels Enjoy 3D video entertainment with dynamic surround sound with 3D pass-through technology Easy setup through onscreen graphical display Color-coded speaker connections ensure correct hookup the first time Four 1080p HDMI inputs on front and back of receiver Four HDMI inputs for high-definition audio and video from a variety of HDMI-compatible devices. View larger. Straightforward to Set Up and Easy to Use Via the text and graphical on-screen display, you can easily make adjustments and settings during setup, to quickly optimize the AVR-E200 for your particular speaker setup and compatibility with your source equipment. The speaker connections on the rear panel are color-coded for quick and easy connection, and the supplied color-coded speaker cable labels ensure correct hookup the very first time. The easy-to-use remote control features discrete source-selection buttons that let you choose your preferred media source with the touch of one button, so there's no need to toggle through all the inputs to choose your preferred source component
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