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Guitar Pedals & Effects - The Dunlop Silicon Fuzz Face Mini distortion pedal features the same legendary fuzz face tone in a much more compact size. Based on a 1970 Fuzz Face with BC108 silicon transistors, it allows you to achieve a bright and aggressive fuzz tone. The Silicon Fuzz Face also includes true bypass switching and a bright status LED. If you're looking for that vintage fuzz tone, the Dunlop Silicon Fuzz Face Mini Distortion Pedal is the right choice for you.Dunlop Silicon Fuzz Face Mini Pedal at a GlanceVintage circuitry with modern modifications Pedalboard-friendly housingVintage circuitry with modern modificationsWhen the earliest units of Fuzz Faces were introduced to the guitar world, their circuitries were lauded for the germanium transistors that contributed to a warm vintage tone. However, silicon was later used as the transistor, and it provided a brighter and sharper high end. While faithfully incorporating the same specification of the 1970 Silicon Fuzz Face, you can capture this classic silicon fuzz tone with this pedal.Pedalboard-friendly housingOne of the inconveniences of incorporating a traditional Fuzz Face pedal in a pedalboard is its unusually large housing size. In many situations, guitarists and bassists would have to sacrifice one or more pedals that they love in order to insert a Fuzz Face in the signal chain. With this improved, pedalboard-friendly housing design, size is no longer an issue.Dunlop Silicon Fuzz Face Mini Distortion Features:Circuitry based on a 1970 Fuzz Face with its matched BC108 silicon transistorsLegendary Fuzz Face tones in a pedalboard-friendly housingStatus LED, AC power jack & battery doorGenerate a great fuzzy vibe with the Dunlop Silicon Fuzz Face Mini! Distortion/Overdrive Pedals
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