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The easy spirit jadee shoes is sold out or discontinued. We found 174 related products.
PetSafe Easy Walk Blue Dog HarnessThe PetSafe Easy Walk Blue Dog Harness is designed to gently discourage your dog from pulling while walking on a leash. It's so simple - easy to fit, easy to use. Veterinarian and trainer recommended, the PetSafe Easy Walk Blue Dog Harness is great for everyday walking and ideal for times you need extra control (i.e., vet's office, busy streets). It also comfortably fits on short-nosed (brachycephalic) breeds and can be used to walk puppies as young as 8 weeks.The unique front-chest leash attachment stops pulling by steering your dog to the side and redirecting his attention toward you. The martingale loop provides extra leverage for easy, relaxed control, and because the chest strap rests low across the breastbone instead of on the delicate tracheal area, your dog will never choke or gag.Quick snap buckles on both the shoulder and belly straps make it easier to get the harness on and off your dog. The PetSafe Easy Walk Blue Dog Harness also features soft but strong nylon and 4 adjustment points to provide maximum comfort and a reliable fit. Plus, the complementary color of the belly strap makes it easier to identify which strap goes over the shoulders, and which goes under the belly.Eight Adjustable Sizes:PetiteGirth adjusts from 12-16Teacup breedsPetite/SmallGirth adjusts from 14-18Tweener sizeSmallGirth adjusts from 15-20Jack Russells, SheltiesSmall/MediumGirth adjusts from 19-25Tweener sizeMediumGirth adjusts from 20-28Border Collies, SpanielsMedium/LargeGirth adjusts from 25-35Tweener sizeLargeGirth adjusts from 26-36Labs, Goldens, Shepherds, RottiesX-LargeGirth adjusts from 34-46Giant breeds and oversized dogs
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