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The eat it snacks and sweets trivia board game is sold out or discontinued. We found 547 related products.
Earnest Eats - Hot and Fit Cereal American Blend - 2.35 oz. (67g)For over two years they have been traveling the world working on their dream to craft a whole new breakfast adventure. The result? Their Earnest Eats Hot and Fit Cereal American inspired by cultures, traditions and knowledge from around the globe. Not simply a can of plain oats, our Hot & Fit cereals have superfood grains - whole oats, amaranth and quinoa - plus fruits nuts and seeds like almonds, mango, cranberries, cocoa and cashews for a powerhouse of nutrition, energy and flavor to power your day. 100% Natural Vegan Wheat-Free Superfood Grains Quinoa Amaranth Oats Where will your breakfast adventure take you today?From the moment you open the package to your very last bite, you can see, taste and smell that Earnest Eats are different. Full of rich flavors and amazing aromas, with lots of whole nuts, fruit and other goodies that you can actually see, Earnest Eats are a feast for the senses. What's the difference? For starters, they believe in the nourishment of whole foods. Not only does food taste better when you use whole ingredients, it keeps you feeling full longer. They source organic ingredients whenever possible, and most importantly, they leave them whole-they don't macerate, extrude or otherwise mush them to a pulp. Earnest Eats are made in small batches and baked in real baking trays. They're minimally processed-which is why you'll sometimes notice that you'll get a big chunk of nuts on one side of your plank and a big chunk of oats on the other. They don't use spray on vitamins, or soy protein powders, they just let the ingredients be themselves. And there you have it. The whole truth, and nothing but the truth. They hope you enjoy their foods.Frequently Asked Questions1. How organic are they?Right now both of their products are about 40% organic. They totally believe in organic and source organic ingredients whenever possible.
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