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Electroplankton  (Nintendo DS, 2006)

Designed by Japanese interactive media artist Toshio Iwai (Otocky, SimTunes), Electroplankton turns the Nintendo DS into a highly interactive audio-visual toy. Something of a cross between a life simulation and DJ software, the program allows players to create their own music, complete with dynamic visual-effect accompaniment, by using the touch screen to manipulate cute little "plankton" characters and their various environments. Each of the ten electroplankton modes allows for distinct aural patterns, including one that can be used as a sampler, repeating whatever noise it captures through the DS microphone.

Electroplankton (Nintendo DS, 2006)


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Product Reviews

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pros: Audience mode, unique and highly collectible game

cons: No recording modes, could use more color depth

Electroplankton integrates music with gaming.

Electroplankton integrates music with gaming for a unique, immersive experience on the Nintendo DSi... See Full Review



pros: Innovative, creative use of the DS's abilities; just plain fun

cons: Not really a game, most gamers won't "get it", no save feature

Electroplankton Turns Your DS Into a Music Machine

Play: To engage in a game or sport; to perform on an instrument. American Heritage Dictionary Usuall... See Full Review

Product Details

Tech Details
Game Special Features <li>Create a variety of musical sounds across ten modes of play<br/><br/><li>Participate in a 15-minute composition in Audience mode<br/><br/><li>Designed by well known media artist Toshio Iwai<br/><br/>
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1
Release Year 2006
Key Features
Rating E - Everyone
Genre Action, Adventure
Platform Nintendo DS
Product Identifiers
UPC 045496737061
Game Electroplankton
MPN 045496737061
Other Features
Brand Nintendo of America, Inc.