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Elite Beat Agents (Nintendo DS, 2006)

Music-loving DS owners can tap more than their toes with the release of Elite Beat Agents, a stylus-striking rhythm game with a premise that is part Men in Black and part Saturday Night Fever. The Elite Beat Agents are a sharp-dressed group of covert government operatives who solve problems and predicaments by grooving to the beat. Gameplay involves tapping and tracing patterns on the touch screen while the story is revealed in comic book-like panels within the top screen. Twenty songs are included from such artists as Madonna, Queen, The Rolling Stones, Ashlee Simpson, Deep Purple, David Bowie, and Chicago.<br><br>Maintain the beat throughout each song and the story will reach its conclusion based on your overall performance. An "elite-o-meter" monitors progress as players try to make the story end on a happy note, but the drama can just as easily take a turn for the worse. The offbeat tasks range from helping a dog find its way home to charming a football player on behalf of a lovesick babysitter. In an unusual twist for the genre, the game includes support for up to four players in a series of competitive challenges. Elite Beat Agents is an update to Japan's Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan, featuring new characters, scenarios, and songs designed to appeal to Western audiences.

Elite Beat Agents (Nintendo DS, 2006)

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Product Reviews

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pros: Addictive (in a good way!); easy and fun

cons: You may be sucked in!!!

Best Game Available!

The world of portable gaming systems is foreign to me, but I adjusted quickly when I played EBA for... See Full Review



pros: Great inspiring stories for each challenge, many unlockable difficulties and contemporary songs.

cons: None, I wish this game never ended. I hope they make a sequel.

Elite Beat Agents Addicts!

Elite beat agents is an action adventure rhythm game for the portable Nintendo DS gaming system. It... See Full Review



pros: Possibly the best idea for a video game ever, executed well.

cons: Feeling inadequate every time you hear "Jumpin' Jack Flash" in real life.

Here Come the Men in Beat

Overview: &amp;nb sp; Elite Beat Agentsis a rhythm game for the DS,... See Full Review



pros: Addictive yet surprisingly challenging rhythm-based fun.

cons: Much harder than you'd think; some songs are annoying.

Where the Elite Meet to Keep the Beat!

I admit, when I first heard of &quot;Elite Beat Agents,&quot; I was more perplexed than anything. &quot;So... they&#39;... See Full Review

Product Details

Tech Details
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Release Year 2006
Key Features
Rating E10+
Genre Action, Adventure
Platform Nintendo DS