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The elite standing rack is sold out or discontinued. We found 1310 related products.
Lobster Elite Freedom Ball Machine : The Lobster Elite Freedom has the same visual look as the Elite 1, but differs in the following ways: smaller battery, lower overall weight, hand-crank elevation, no spin, no remote and simplified electronics. The Elite Freedom, sports a sleek, aerodynamic design, blinding ball speed, sky-high lobs, and easy ergonomic portability. All Lobster products testify to Lobster Sports' world-renowned durability and their tennis ball machines are truly built for life. When compared to the competition, Lobster ball machines feature larger ball capacities, longer battery capacity, easier portability, faster ball speeds and higher lob capabilities - all the features you look for in a ball machine. The Lobster Elite Freedom is ideal for beginner to intermediate players. Oscillation: Horizontal Speed: 10-70 mph Feed Rate: 2-10 Seconds Battery Life: 1-2 Hours Battery Charge Time: 9-12 hoursElevation: Manual, 0-50 Degrees Weight: 30 Lbs. 150 Ball Capacity. Storage Dimensions: 24 x 16 x 19 inches. Ready Dimensions: 24 x 16 x 31 inches. 2 Year Warranty - Parts & Labor (Unless Misused) 1 Year Warranty - Accessories 6 Month Warranty - Battery & Replacement Parts Long life. Designed for maximum durability to meet the most demanding players needs. The Elite comes with a two-year warranty including parts and labor. 2-4 hour battery playing time and convenient battery life indicator makes travel and play easy anwhere anytime. The Elite's ergonomically designed oversized wheels and handle were created for easy transportation, while the hopper stores in a reverse position to fit in your car's trunk. Enhance your life. Live longer. Play harder. Every hour of play dramatically improves fitness levels and conditioning with our random horizontal sweep, 2-10 second ball feed and spacious 150-ball capacity. By hitting 750 balls per hour, you'll condition, strengthen, and improve your health significantly. Enjoy life. Improve your game while having the time of your life. Return 70 mph ground strikes and sky-high lobs. The Lobster Elite Freedom will give you that competitive edge to reach new heights in your game. Don't forget the Tennis Balls! Lobster Ball Machine Comparison Chart (Click Here)
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Holabird Sports
Your guide or buddies better be ready to roll out the red carpet when you pull the Sage Method Elite 4-Piece Fly Rod out from its rod tube. Already dressed in an elegant red befitting royalty, the Method Elite shows off its further refinements that are bound to make fellow anglers' heads turn. Its titanium reel seat, stripping guides, and winding check add a whole new level of sophistication and durability while an extra (spare) tip keeps you ready for the unexpected. Since you spend hours on the river and fish hard, it's no wonder you use the Method Elite. Built on Sage's Konnetic technology, the Method Elite produces high line speeds and tight loops for extreme distance and wind-cutting casts all while maintaining critical accuracy and feel. Konnetic technology uses an advanced modulus positioning system by which Sage precisely aligns carbon fibers to exacting tolerances for optimal performance in the blank. In addition, Sage's layup process features a high-compression molding process wherein carbon fibers are compressed for optimal density in a narrow diameter blank, with a carbon inner core that's 50% lighter than previous rod cores. As a result, Sage is able to deliver the Method Elite--an ultra fast-action fly rod that's able to punch through the wind and carry the biggest, bulkiest, heaviest flies in your box out to where they can work their magic. The magma colored shaft of the Method Elite is complemented by rust-colored primary thread wraps and pewter trim wraps. Larger, heavier duty, hard chromed snake guides also make it easier to shoot line and clear tangles. Its freshwater series (5wt) features a snub-nose, half-wells grip while the Method's saltwater series (8wt) has a full-wells grip with fighting butt. For protection during transport and storage, the Method Elite comes with a black rod sock and a fusion red powder-coated rod tube with a silver colored medallion and gloss black end caps.
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