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The emedia music corporation guitar method deluxe for pc mac 3 is sold out or discontinued. We found 25 related products.
The eMedia Play Banjo Package gives you everything you need to get started! Learn to play this unique and wonderful instrument with a pack that includes banjo, gig bag, finger picks, thumb pick, DVD video lessons, and a software banjo tuner from eMedia! The included Beginning Banjo DVD includes lessons on banjo fingering patterns and chords using popular bluegrass songs and even gets you started with special techniques like slides, forward rolls, backwards rolls, hammer-ons, pull-offs, and tag licks! The eMedia Play Banjo Pack includes a full-size banjo featuring a poplar neck and 11 inch resonator shell made from sapelli wood. The package also includes an excellent Beginning Banjo DVD! eMedia Play Banjo Package Includes Full-size banjo Durable, nylon gig bag w/straps and pocket Two banjo finger picks One banjo thumb pick Beginning Banjo DVD eMedia Banjo Tuner (download) Exclusive access to 70-page online book! Video Instruction The video features instruction from Avram Siegel. You’ll learn basic banjo chords and fingerpicking patterns as well as fingering techniques such as slides, forward rolls, backwards rolls, hammer-ons, and pull-offs that help to create that authentic bluegrass sound. You’ll advance by learning tag licks that take you up the neck of your banjo. You will apply your new skills and techniques while learning to play several popular bluegrass songs, such as ‘Bile ’em Cabbage Down,’ ’Worried Man Blues,’ ‘Foggy Mountain Breakdown,’ and more! On-screen Chord Charts On screen illustrations with colorful highlighting make music concepts easy to understand and help you place your fingers on the right frets in the correct orientation. Split-Screen Close-ups Multiple camera angles in the videos help to demonstrate techniques so you can see exactly how to play them. Automatic Tuner from eMedia Tune your banjo quickly and easily with this downloadable software tuner. A precision gauge allows you to play into your computer’s microphone and tune up interactively. Reference tuning notes are included.
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Software & Plug-ins - eMedia's Guitar Method is incredibly popular software that's designed to get you playing guitar fast. Its 182 lessons give you a comprehensive foundation in playing guitar, including how to fret chords, play melodies, fingerpick, strum, and more. What's more, eMedia Guitar Method even includes an animated fretboard to help you see and imitate both chord positions and strumming patterns. Plus, you get over 50 one-on-one videos with instructor Kevin Garry, a built-in tuner, 70 play-along songs, and a 250-chord dictionary with eMedia Guitar Method.eMedia Guitar Method at a Glance:Money-saving alternative to private lessons70 built-in, play-along songs160 step-by-step lessons50 one-on-one videos with instructor Kevin Garry, Ph.D.Money-saving alternative to private lessonseMedia's Guitar Method is a highly interactive software suite, offering up a wealth of knowledge within a fun, learn-at-your-own pace environment. One-on-one videos, lessons, fretboard animations, a chord dictionary, and built-in songs give you a range of tools to learn with, so the learning stays exciting and engaging. Plus, you can always go back and review lessons or rewind videos as needed whenever you have any questions.70 built-in, play-along songsWith eMedia's Guitar Method, you'll learn popular songs in no time. There are 70 built-in songs spanning a range of musical genres. Songs include Knockin' on Heaven's Door from Bob Dylan, Rock N' Me from The Steve Miller Band, Dreamboat Annie from Heart, Uncle John's Band from The Grateful Dead, and more! You can even slow down songs to learn at your own tempo until you're ready to play at speed. Take it from Sweetwater - the eMedia Guitar Method is a fun way to learn to play guitar.182 step-by-step lessonsMore than 180 step-by-step lessons come with eMedia's Guitar Method. They're arranged progressively to give you a solid foundation in guitar basics and they also go on to include more intermediate and advanced topics. Exercises include everything from tuning the guitar to playing chords to fingerpicking to reading music notation and more. Guitar Method helps you learn chords by displaying them on an animated fretboard, making it easy to get your hands in the right place. Plus, the strings animate in progression to demonstrate strumming and picking patterns, helping you to both see and hear how to play the song.50 on-on-one videos with instructor Kevin Garry, Ph.D.Large-format, full-motion videos are included with eMedia Guitar Method, as well. You'll enjoy hours of personal instruction as on-screen teacher Kevin Garry takes you through a series of lessons. These videos also provide split-screens that show close-ups of both hands so you can see every movement. The eMedia Guitar Method lesson suite also includes a host of extras, making it a fully-realized guitar learning environment. There are a built-in tuner, a chord dictionary, a digital metronome, a digital recorder, and more!eMedia Guitar Method Features:182 step-by-step lessons covering a range of topics50 on-on-one videos with a professional teacher70 built-in, play-along songs Can slow down song tempo to learn songsAnimated guitar fretboardChord dictionaryBuilt-in tuner, metronome, and recorderMac and PC compatibleWindows System RequirementsWindows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8CD-ROM driveMac System RequirementsPower PC (or faster), Intel compatibleMac OS X 10.4CD-ROM driveeMedia's Guitar Method is an affordable and effective way to learn guitar! Instructional Software
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