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The emedia music corporation guitar method deluxe for pc mac 3 is sold out or discontinued. We found 26 related products.
Award-winning Guitar Lessons. Learn How to Play Guitar - Acoustic or Electric. The best-selling eMedia Guitar Method, featuring guitar lessons from University of Colorado-Boulder's Kevin Garry, Ph.D., is the most complete guitar instruction software available today. Plus eMedia Interactive Feedback technologies make understanding the lessons easier, so you learn how to play guitar faster. Over 180 easy-to-follow guitar lessons take you from basics, such as how to tune a guitar and play simple chords, to fingerpicking, how to read guitar tabs and music notation, and more. Interactive Feedback on melodies, which is unique to this method, helps you learn quickly. Over 70 easy guitar songs, including hits such as Knockin' on Heaven's Door and Rock'n Me make learning fun! Product Information Training Type: Course Training Subject: Guitar Method v.5.0 Course Curriculum: Introduction I. About the Guitar Types of Guitars; Stringing; Tuning; Holding; Finger Position; Reading Charts; Simple G Chord. II. Simple Chords and Strumming Songs Introducing Simple C and G7; Full A7, C and D Chords; Double Strum. III. More Chords and Adding Accents Songs with Accents; Shifting Accents; 3/4 Accented Time; A, Am, D7, E, Em, E7, Full G Chord. IV. Slash Chords and Chord Progressions Songs with Slash Chords G/B, A/C#; New Chords Am7, Bm, B7, C7, Dm, F, Full G7. V. Rock Strumming and Power Chords Folk Rock; Syncopation; Power Chords A5, D5, E5; Palm Muting; Contemporary Rock Strumming. VI. Playing the Blues Introducing the Blues Rhythm: Corrina, Little Red Rooster and Others; the 12-Bar Blues. VII. Modern Rock Strumming and Movable Power Chords Movable Power Chords and Riffs; Palm Muting in Modern Rock; Rock/Punk Strums; The Chika. VIII. Reading Tablature and Playing Melodies Tablature; Rhythmic Notation; Melodies - Folk to Classic; Boogie Woogie Bass; Blues Shuffle. IX. Bass-Note Strum with Country Tunes Popular Songs with Bass-Note Strum; Bass-Note Double Strum; Alternate Bass-Note Strum. X. Fingerpicking - from Arpeggio to Travis Introduced in Scarborough Fair, House of the Rising Sun, Romanza and Others. XI. Reading Standard Music Notation How to Read Music String by String; Rhythm; Time Signatures; Accidentals; Key Signatures. Appendix Button Symbols; Commands and Shortcuts; Song Looping; Tools (Animated Fretboard, Recorder, etc). Training Requirements: Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 Mac OS X v.10.4 or later Optical Drive: CD-ROM Note: Internet connection recommended for online activation Miscellaneous Platform Supported: Mac, PC
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