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The firefly li l crabby child costume is sold out or discontinued. We found 665 related products.
Firefly Combo Pack Black - Package that includes the Firefly Electronic Wind Detector Firefly Retractable Lanyard Camo Firefly Accessory Case and batteries. Firefly is a precision wind detection instrument designed to give hunters an accurate reading of wind/thermal direction. Firefly takes 512 readings per second analyzes these readings and after 3 seconds reports the results in the form of easy-to-interpret LED lights. Operating Firefly is easy-Simply push the button. Firefly continues to sample and report for 5 more seconds and then automatically turns itself off after 8 seconds of non use. To operate just remove the protective cap hold the unit still and level at a comfortable distance away from your body and depress the button. The Firefly Retractor Lanyard secures your Firefly Wind Detector safely and keeps it close at hand. Its nylon coated stainless steel cable extends 36-inch and retracts with 3 ounces of retraction force to prevent dropping damage to or loss of your Firefly. The stainless steel spring and hardware is not affected by water and the rubber mating hardware assures a quiet snap back. The lanyard has breakaway strength of 60 pounds for safety. With the Firefly Travel Accessory Case there is no need to worry about traveling with you Firefly Electronic Wind Detector or other valuables again. It's a compact 7 x 3 x 2.5 to fit easily in to your camp pack or travel bag and is made of durable heavy gauge plastic with two latches mounted with stainless steel pins; the case is both shockproof and 100% waterproof. The foam is die cut to custom fit both the Firefly Electronic Wind Detector and the Firefly Retractable Lanyard or you can simply swap out the foam with the universal foam kit supplied with your order and convert it to a hunting accessory case that can be used for other items. Printed in Next Camo Vista- the same pattern as the Firefly Electronic Wind Detector and Firefly Retractable Lanyard.
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Firefly: Out To The Black Card Game Firefly: Out to the Black is a quick card game that plays from three to five players. It’s unusual in that the players do not compete against each other, but compete against the game. This is a fairly new style of game called a co-op game or cooperative game. Players take on roles of the crew of Serenity and play through a series of Events. Using their Fightin’, Flyin’, and Thinkin’ skills they attempt to successfully complete these Events to earn Credits and Honor. If the players run out of Credits or Honor before the end of the game, they all lose and the game wins! If the players manage to complete the predetermined amount of Events without running out of Credits or Honor, they win the game, and live to fly another day! Components: Double sized Character Cards – Contains the Character’s Skill numbers and special abilities Event Cards – These are the Events the players must overcome to win the game. Serenity Cards – These are dual use cards. The main use is to help the players overcome Events. It’s secondary use is to determine random numbers. Alliance Cards – These are penalty cards that are drawn if the players do not do well at certain Events. Draw too many of these and the players lose the game even if they still have Credits and Honor. Gorramit Cards – These cards modify the Events, generally making them harder. A Set of Rules – The rules to the game. Honor Tokens – These are used to track the player’s Honor. Credit Tokens – These are used to track the player’s Credits. The Character Cards each represent one of the main Characters in Firefly. In addition to having their skills values listed, Each Character has special abilities, which cost a variable amount of Credits or Honor. On a players turn he can choose to spend Credits or Honor on one of these abilities, but it brings them closer to losing, so they need to think about whether they really need to or not. A typical turn of the game consists of the active player turning over the top Event card. Each Event card has three challenges, one Fightin’, one Flyin’, and one Thinkin’. Each of these has a number, which the players must equal or exceed to be successful in the challenge. Characters gain skill two different ways, they may play Serenity cards to gain skill, and, after playing their Serenity cards, they add a random number to determine their final skill. This is added to the Character’s base skill number listed on their Character cards. Depending on how many challenges they successfully complete they either gain or lose Credits and/or Honor. The more successful the more they gain. Once the event is resolved, the next player starts a new turn, and turns over the next Event card. The game is over once all the Event cards have been drawn and resolved. The Firefly TV show is about surviving with honor. Mal and his crew are continually trying to scrounge up enough credits to keep flying, while maintaining their own personal sense of honor. The game reflects this grand theme with the victory conditions, survive the Event deck without running out of Honor or Credits. Each Event in the deck is tied to an episode in the show, and is easily recognizable by fans of the show. The Skills needed for each Event are tied to action of the episode featured on the card. A sub theme of the show is escaping notice of the Alliance, and again, with the inclusion of the Alliance deck, Firefly: Out to the Black delivers. The Alliance deck is an ever-present threat looming over the players as they desperately seek to finish the Events in the game. *All Information Taken From BoardGameGeek*
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