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The fishing eagle claw trailmaster spinning pack rods is sold out or discontinued. We found 627 related products.
When the Burton Fish Snowboard hit the scene, it challenged the notion that powder boards had to be unresponsive sleds to provide deep-day float. So it's not surprising that this year's Fish continues on its warpath of progress to deliver big board float in a smaller, more responsive package. The aggressive taper and S-Rocker shape keep it afloat when you're seeking out white-room turns, and it gets the full range of tech features you'd expect from the big B. The next big dump is just around the corner, make sure you're ready for it.The Fish introduced the world to Burton's S-Rocker camber profile, and we're happy to see it return again this season. It's cambered until you reach the front binding, at which point the nose kicks up to provide effortless float. The float is bolstered by the Elip Nose Kick, which, as you probably guessed, means that the nose kicks up higher at the tip to keep it riding atop the frozen wave instead of diving. The camber profile is complimented by an aggressive 30mm taper, so the nose is over an inch wider than the tail. When combined with the mini swallowtail, this shaping means that the back end will sink, the nose will stay afloat, and you'll be all smiles, all day. The Pro-Tip keeps the nose and tail nice and light, so the Fish is easy to throw around. It's built from Triax fiberglass so it's not a noodle, even though it has a comfortable flex, and the carbon fiber I-Beam gives you extra pop. And the base is Burton's WFO sintered base, which holds a bunch of wax to keep you flying down the mountain. Just don't make fun of your friends for getting stuck when they try to follow your lines. They won't like it, we promise.
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