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The flag a tag program kit scarlet white is sold out or discontinued. We found 1500 related products.
Flag display case and shadow box holds 5x9.5-foot flags. Comes with a pedestal stand. Includes built in beveled glass window. Easy installation, no tools or hardware required! Made from solid wood in a cherry finish.This American flag display case for commemorating a veteran is a well-crafted item. American soldiers can be commemorated with this triangular ensign display. This shadow box for banners, flag display is perfect for a memorial. A folded ensign will fit right inside the shadow box. This flag display, like a memorial banner display holds 5' x 9-1/2' ensigns. These boxes for American banners are made for a standard ensign size, so a custom made piece is unnecessary. This flag display that opens from the back makes placement of banners easy. Simply turn plastic clips to fix the backboard in place. The American flag display is constructed from wood. The finish imparts an exquisite appearance to the units. This cherry burial flag is the same color as typically used furniture stains. This feature permits the piece to match up with similarly colored furniture within a room.This flag display that has a pedestal is appropriate for a memorial display. An American ensign for a veteran will have great predominance when displayed in this shadow box. This wood flag display attracts the attention of viewers thanks to the added height imparted by the pedestal. Preserve the memory of a lost veteran with this high quality military banner display. This triangular flag case is perfect for use at a funeral or memorial service. This box that has a glass front not only displays a military ensign but also shields against dust and dirt. The military flag display has a beveled window. This unique detail gives the memorial case a refined appearance. Please Note: Base is hollow with an open backing.
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