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The flex funballs baseball set is sold out or discontinued. We found 1500 related products.
Armor Flex Skill Football Shoulder Pads HIGH SCHOOL The lightest pad in its class, Armor Flex will give you that extra step coach is screaming about. Arch Designs - Armor Flex Skill-80041 25% Lighter Significantly lighter than any other foam or fabric covered shoulder pad State of the Art Materials Exterior is High Impact ballistic nylon covering raised corrugations. The ballistic nylon is the same material that's used to cover bullet-proof vests. Impact Channels The Brock High-Impact Sheet Foam features Impact Channels that dissipate energy across a wider area. Those same channels also maximize air circulation against the body. Technology Ultra-Lightweight Muhammed Ali used to say Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Well, we got him beat. With the Armor Flex you'll be able to Move like the wind and hit like a ton of bricks. Enough said. Superior Fit Conforms to Body The ultimate fabric covered pad on the field, the Armor Flex utilizes Brock High Impact sheet foam that wraps around your body like a cocoon. This gives you the ultimate in comfort and fit, while giving you the Brock protection you need on the field Brock Air Circulation The patented Brock technology not only evaporates sweat faster, if focuses air circulation - pushing the cool air in closer to your body - while the hot air is pushed out. Each model also features 5mm vent holes that keep the air flowing around your body. AEGIS Anti-Microbial Exclusive to Schutt, AEGIS takes anti-microbial agents to the next level. Working 24/7, this rugged germ-fighting agent uses negatively charged anti-microbial particles to fight against an array of bacteria, fungus, germs, and mold. AEGIS is so effective, it's registered with the EPA. Interior Cushioning Brock High Impact sheet foam forms the core of protection for the Armor Flex. Covered on the outside by Dri-Lex Aerospacer 100 fabric for maximum air flow, the Brock High Impact foam is a ballistic breathable foam that features 5mm vent holes to maximize air circulation. The Brock High-Impact foam is pliable, so it wraps around your body in a cocoon-like, perfect fit. Ballistic Breathable Fabric There are fabric covered shoulder pads and there is the Armor Flex. Nothing on the field compares to it: exterior is ballistic breathable foam covered by High Impact fabric that's the same material used to cover the exterior of bullet-proof vests Additional Features On all models of Armor Flex shoulder pads, you'll also find the following features and benefits: 1) Ventilated arch and sub-arch, to increase air flow 2) Removable clavicle channels, for a customized fit 3) Dri-Lex Aerospacer 100 fabric for lightweight ruggedness 4) Stainless Steel Hardware - no scrimping on parts or quality 5) Raised corrugations for power and air circulation 6) Non cantilever design for a very low profile, flat pad Color: Ballistic Nylon with Red Liner Size: S, M, L, XL, 2XL Shoulder Pad Fitting GuideSIZE SHOULDER WIDTH CHESTSMALL 16-17 34-36MEDIUM 17-18 38-40 LARGE 18-19 42-44 X-LARGE 19-20 46-482X-LARGE 20-21 48-50 Armor Flex Skill-80041 SHOULDER PAD POSITIONS: - Running Back - Wide Receiver - Corner Back - Linebacker - Safety
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Our Flex EcoPLA Black is a revolutionary new flexible 3D printer filament, which is part of our EcoPLA Range. Our Flex EcoPLA filament is a flexible PLA filament which is available in Black and White and comes in 1.75mm and 3mm diameter. Flex EcoPLA filament is a rubber-like 3D printer filament which allows you to print flexible objects, such as rubber machine parts, soft toys, flip-flops, and other rubbery items. Flex EcoPLA opens doors to a whole new field of application when it comes to desktop 3D printing. It's up to your own imagination what you would like to create and print. Flex EcoPLA is a flexible PLA 3D printer filament with a Shore hardness of 45D. Our Flex EcoPLA filament has a much lesser carbon footprint than typical co-polyester 3D printer filaments. This flexible PLA filament offers up to 50% lower carbon footprint than traditional co-polyester materials. Next to this, the complete process from sourcing the chemical recipe to the actual extruding of the Flex EcoPLA filament is being done in the Netherlands. This reduces the travel distance of this material significantly, meaning that less fossil fuels are being used to get this material into our warehouse. Main differences between PLA and Flex EcoPLA filament - The main difference between normal PLA filament and Flex EcoPLA flexible PLA filament is that normal PLA is rather stiff, where Flex EcoPLA _ as its name implies _ is very flexible. When stressed normal PLA will break. Our Flex EcoPLA flexible PLA filament will not break when stressed. It will bend in every direction, but it will definitely not break!. We dare you to try to break it. Flex EcoPLA Flex Black filament has a great roundness and very tight diameter and ovalidity tolerances. This flexible PLA 3D printer filament is spool-wrapped on a polystyrene plastic spool with 500 grams of filament. Product Specifications Filament Net Weight: 0.5 Kg 2% Spool Size (D x h): 200 mm x 55 mm Spool Hub Diameter: 52 mm Carton Box Size (L x W x H): 220 mm x 220 mm x 70 mm Max. Total Weight of Packaged Spool-Wrappped Filament: 0.99 Kg Filament Specifications Please see below table for the technical specifications of our Flex EcoPLA flexible PLA 3D printer filament: 1.75mm 3mm Material Flex EcoPLA Flex EcoPLA Melting Temperature (10 C/min) 180 C 180 C Density 1150 kg/m_ 1150 kg/m_ Tensile Modulus 95 MPa 95 MPa Shore D Hardness (3s) 45 45 Diameter 1.75 0.05 mm 2.85 0.10 mm Roundness deviation (max) 0.05 mm 0.10 mm Print Temperature Guideline 210 C 210 C It is recommended to lower your printing speed (compared to printing with normal PLA) when printing with Flex EcoPLA flexible PLA. The guideline for an optimal printing temperature is to print at approximately 210 C. Please do keep in mind that above are only guidelines and that every desktop 3D printer requires different settings for optimal printing results. As Flex EcoPLA flexible PLA is a relatively new 3D printer filament we would like to receive as many feedback as possible with respect to user experience and optimal printer settings for as many desktop 3D printers as possible. We can then compile a tips & tricks document for a wide range of desktop 3D printers to share with our fellow 3D printing enthusiasts. So, we would like to ask you to tweak around with your printer settings and please do share your experiences with us. We will be very grateful for your input!
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