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The fly racing f2 carbon snow helmet fly racing helmets is sold out or discontinued. We found 1500 related products.
The Days Worth Fly Box System™ Dimensions: 4 x 3 x 1 There are anglers out there who feel it is necessary to carry a couple thousand flies (arranged perfectly by size and color in $100 fly boxes and crammed in their vests) when they head out for an afternoon of fishing. Those folks probably are not going to like our Days Worth Fly Box. However, if you are the type of angler who, more than likely, has a home water, knows the fish and what they are going to eat, and only needs a hundred flies or so to cover all the bases, we have a box you should see. The bulk of the angling we do is on tail water trout fisheries in the Mountain West (the North Platte, the Bighorn, the Green). That means, to be successful, at times you need to fish small flies. And believe it or not, there is always the possibility for a little wind. We found that conventional fly boxes, small flies, and wind are a costly combination. We mostly tie all of our own flies, and it is not the cost of a size 20 pheasant tail that flies away in the wind that bugged us, but the fact that it shouldn't happen. That's how our Days Worth Fly Box came about. Our style of fishing requires an incredibly stout day box (it has to fit in a shirt pocket and be attached to a lanyard) that can not only effectively manage a ton of small flies, but can also handle a good number of larger flies. The first time you open a Days Worth, you will see and feel the difference. It has a strong magnetic bottom to securely hold small flies and self-healing foam strips to handle anything up to a size 2 weighted wooly bugger. You need to see for yourself why we consider the Days Worth Fly Box to be the finest small fly box available today. Flies not included with box
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Enjoy your time on the water even more with a smooth-casting and lightweight fly combo at a price that will make your wallet happy, too. Combo includes Prestige Plus 12-ft. No Vis Tip Intermediate fly line (a $39.99 value) and 100 yds. of Prestige backing.Rod designer and competitive fly-caster Tim Rajeff designed the powerful Echo Carbon fly rods for smooth, easy-to-cast performance. The medium-fast action is not too stiff and not too soft. Half-wells cork handles with composite pressure zones for 5- and 6-wt. rods, and ultralight half-wells cork handles with pressure zones are standard for 8-ft. rods and shorter. Alignment dots allow for easy assembly. Matte-brown finish and anodized-aluminum, cut-away design reel seats. Single-foot snake guides. 20 fish hero mark on each rod. Four-piece travel design for go-anywhere convenience. Includes brown Cordura nylon-covered rod tube.Made of blend of cast and machined aluminum, the Ion fly reels feature a maintenance-free Rulon disc drag that delivers backlash-free, instant drag reaction from a one-way roller clutch bearing. The drags low start-up resistance protects light tippets. Stainless steel internal components are primarily designed for freshwater use. They can be used in the saltwater, provided extra care is taken to clean and lubricate them after each day on the water. Positive position, click-drag knobs. Incoming/outgoing audible click. Fast line-pickup, large-arbor spools. Impact-resistant matte-black finish. Type: Freshwater Fly Combos. Rod Model: 590-4. Reel Model: Ion 45. Pieces: 4. Line Weight: 5. Length: 9'. Diameter (in.): 3.4. Backing Capacity: 150 yds./20 lb.. Capacity: 150yds./20lb.. Combo Carbon 590-4 Ion. Sports and Outdoors > Sport and Outdoor
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The Fly High Tsunami Pump System is a pre-packaged, fully submersible solution designed for quick and easy filling of wakeboard ballast bags. Thanks to the high capacity 1200GPH motor and oversize 1 tubing, the Tsunami ballast pump from Fly High fills or drains standard ballast bags in less than five minutes. Fly High's Quick Twist Adapter quick connect fittings are a standard feature which means connecting the pump for filling and draining is a snap so very little water leaks out. Hose Length: 9 feet Wire Length: 12 feet There's a reason this is one of our best selling products, and is a perennial favorite with our customers; it's one of the best portable ballast systems on the market right now. How it Works The Tsunami ballast pump is a high flow model that is both durable and dependable. For filling the bags, simply connect the free end of the hose to the Quick Twist Adapter on the bag you want to fill, drop the pump in the water over the side of the boat (it is completely waterproof and submersible), and plug the included cigarette lighter adapter into the 12v accessory plug on your boat. For draining just reverse the connection of the pump, securing the pump body itself directly to the bag you want to drain, and placing the free end of the hose over the side of the boat. We include everything you need to use the Pro X Series Tsunami ballast pump with Fly High's Pro X Series ballast bags in the box, so there's nothing extra to purchase. Just open the box and start filling and draining your bags.
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Electric Guitars - The Parker Fly Mojo is a solid mahogany body/mahogany neck guitar that delivers luscious tones and a warm, lower mid-range. Parker's combination of Seymour Duncan magnetic pickups and Graph Tech piezo pickups makes it possible to produce thick, warm and heavy electric tones and intricate, full-bodied acoustic guitar tones. Sleek, balanced, and incredibly responsive, the new-and-improved Parker Fly Mojo is absolutely unmatched in its range of electric and acoustic sounds. Weighing in at about 5 pounds, the Parker Fly Mojo has a unique voice all its own.Parker Fly Mojo at a Glance:One-piece slim mahogany body and neck.Seymour Duncan Jazz (bridge) and JB (neck) magnetic pickups, and 6-element Graph Tech piezo pickup system.Solid Mahogany Body and NeckThe Parker Fly Mojo is a solid mahogany body/mahogany neck guitar that delivers luscious tones and a warm, lower mid-range. Along with the new Fly Mojo, Parker uses mahogany for the bodies of the Fly Classicx, NiteFly-M. The reason? According to Parker,Revered for a smoldering tone and a acoustical range that extends all the way up from deep octaves to a singing upper register, mahogany is also valued for its color, grain, stability, and high-strength/low-weight ratio. The reinforced mahogany neck, also found on the NiteFly-SA and Fly Bass, gives you unmatched access to the fretboard and your music. Duncan and Graph Tech PickupsEquipped with Seymour Duncan Jazz and JB pickups, the Fly Mojo has everything you need to lay down a heavy, full blooded sound. Parker's combination of Seymour Duncan magnetic pickups and Graph Tech piezo pickups makes it possible to produce thick, warm and heavy electric tones and intricate, full-bodied acoustic guitar tones. The Fly line has undergone some straightforward yet significant advancement. As always, tone is the paramount consideration. All new Fly guitars are equipped with a coil tap and 3-way pickup selector that give the player even more tones than before, with six magnetic pickup choices ranging from warm, creamy humbucker crunch to single-coil twang to howling blues. The Graph Tech pre-amp has undergone an overhaul resulting in improved performance. And, Parker has simplified and redesigned the controls to make them more accessible and easier to use while playing.Parker Fly Mojo Features:Parker Fly Mojo is a double cutaway solidbody electric guitarColor: Transparent CherryOne-piece Mahogany body with Mahogany neckSlim, contoured bodyPatented neck-through designThin glass/carbon exoskeletonTwo custom-wound Seymour Duncan humbucking pickups6-element Graph Tech piezo pickup systemCustom active Fishman filtering preampHigh performance Parker vibrato systemCarbon finger boardSperzel locking tunersStainless steel fretsHardshell Case IncludedThe new and improved Parker Fly Mojo comes with more sounds, smart jack switching and simplified ergonomic controls that make volume and mix adjustments smooth and effortless! Solidbody Guitars
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