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The fogware teacher s toolbox 6.0 is sold out or discontinued. We found 8 related products.
The fun and exciting way to teach your preschooler- math!- Product Information- Developed by educational experts of Weekly Reader Publishing, The Weekly- Reader Preschool Series: Getting Started in Math 2008 Edition lets you unleash- your child's natural interest in math- Children naturally take to- learning- That is why introducing your children to mathematics at an early- age will help them develop a positive and productive attitude that will serve- them their entire lives! Getting Started Math provides the essential tools- needed to help build and nurture a child's interest, enthusiasm and- understanding of mathematics- Learning should be positive, enjoyable, and inspirational- That is what- Weekly Reader Publishing has brought to the nation's classrooms for more than a- century- The Weekly Reader Magazines make learning fun and help teachers- meet standards with students in grades Pre-K to 12- These award-winning- periodicals cover social studies, English/language arts, science, reading-- Now, you can- enjoy the Weekly ReaderLearning System on your computer-- - Unique Advantages- See how The Learning System fits in with your unique educational- requirements-- Learning System for Parents- By taking a look at your student's syllabus or working closely with their- teacher, you can understand which subjects could be supplemented by the- Learning System- This is why parental participation is not only encouraged,- but highly recommended- It is also recommended that you understand- which areas of their homework can be supplemented by noting which subjects- are being taught in their class- The product is not intended to replace- school curriculum, but rather expand on it and act as an accessory tool to- building your childs knowledge- Using the Learning System software- has been shown to not only improve grades, but to also encourage independent- study habits- Narration, video, and audio in all subjects will adapt to any- sort of learning style, and actually compliments learning disabilities by- providing those three options- Use Audio Books of your student learns best- through listening, watch video presentations if your student learns best by- example, or read through a titles chapters if your student learns best- through reading- Learning- System for Home Schoolers- The Learning System offers great- content to reinforce the curriculum used by home schoolers- The software- covers key topics at all grade levels to ensure that home-schooled children- get a complete and comprehensive education-- The benefits of a supplementary- tool as an accessory to home school curriculum are immense- For instance, if- there is a subject that your child is experiencing difficulty in, what- better way to reinforce their knowledge with complete video demonstrations,- comprehensive narrations, and images to spark their imagination- Even if your child is not- experiencing any trouble with understanding their studies, the benefits of- the Learning Systems are that they provide information centered on each- subject to provide a fuller understanding of what is being learned- Your- student may even learn something that they did not know before!- Learning- System In the Classroom- The combination of video, audio and images all on one computer will create a- positive and independent environment- A student could access the materials- in private, in a group setting, or even in a class room setting; making this- software perfect for class projects as well- As confidence is built by- understanding, good self-study habits will follow!- - Key Benefits- Getting Started in Math helps build math skills beginning on a level that- children understand - counting with finge SKU: XS44267
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