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This football helmet display is an acrylic case designed for showcasing memorabilia. The lift-off lid makes maintaining a presentation easy. This football helmet display has a black base and a removable riser. Measures 15.625w x 12.1875h x 11.625d.This football helmet display is a necessity for any sports enthusiast, as the inside measures 15w x 11h x 11d. This gives collectors plenty of space for displaying helmets, limited edition figurines, awards, antiques and keepsakes. This collectible holder, countertop football helmet display is designed to protect valuables from any mishandling. Each unit also keeps your collectibles free from dust. This football helmet display that is inexpensive features a lift-off top. This design makes it easier for collectors to clean or change out the displayed object. This sports memorabilia holder, football helmet display that has a black platform and a 1/4 thick acrylic top is perfect for use in various settings, as they can easily complement any setting or decor. The clear finish of the top casing enables customers to easily view the displayed item. Schools, for example, can use this acrylic case to showcase awards or keepsakes. This acrylic football helmet display, also known as a sports memorabilia holder, can also be used within your home or office. These showcases are not recommended for displaying expensive items in public areas, like museums or exhibition halls, as they do not feature a locking mechanism. Each football helmet display comes with a removable plastic ring for customers to exhibit any round or uneven items, as the riser will keep these items in place. Additional countertop memorabilia holders are sold in various other sizes in this online catalog as well (see related items).
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