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The force rax 3 bike rack is sold out or discontinued. We found 364 related products.
Software & Plug-ins - Why get a single Ohm Force plug-in when you can get them all for a great low price? The Ohm Force All All Bundle includes the complete collection of seven wildly popular Ohm Force plug-in processors plus their Symptohm granular synthesizer. Countless Sweetwater customers, many of whom are chart topping musicians and engineers, have long discovered the creative power of such frequency based plug-ins as Quad Frohmage and Mobilohm, whereas Ohmicide distortion and the Hematohm frequency shifter are mainstays of sound designers everywhere. Don't miss out - get your hands on the Ohm Force All All Bundle!Ohm Force All All Bundle Plug-in Collection at a Glance:Symptohm redefines granular synthesisOhmicide lets you axe murder any sound sourceOhmBoyz takes multi-tap delay to a whole new planetQuad Frohmage hits your tracks with a barrage of effectsMobilohm multiband phaser will spice up any soundHematohm frequency shifter creates freq-y effectsPredatohm multiband overdrive lets you kick up the heatOhmygod comb filter delivers pure comb-filtering chaosSymptohm redefines granular synthesisGranular synthesis is one of the most entertaining ways you can create totally new sounds. This fun and depthless synth virtual instrument offers up a pair of SyncGrain Oscillators along with a ring-modulatable sub oscillator and a noise generator: a complete toolset for creating crazy sounds. What's more, there's a full Quad Frohmage resonant filter effect section built right in. Top that off with more than 1,000 killer presets, and you're in for a real treat.Ohmicide lets you axe murder any sound sourceSeriously, if you've ever just wanted to mangle, shred, or inflict bodily harm on a track, Ohmicide is the distortion engine for you. Yes, you can use Ohmicide to warm up or add grit to your sound, but you can also perform acts of sheer brutality with it, tapping into over 80 distortion models and adding dynamics and feedback to take your sound over the top. From vintage tube amp to dude screaming through a drive-through intercom with a torn speaker, Ohmicide is the distortion plug-in you want. OhmBoyz takes multi-tap delay to a whole new planetIf you've been dreaming of a quality multi-tap delay plug-in with complex resonant filters, distortion, and a pallet of 39 LFOs to play with, then OhmBoyz was made for you. Whether you're looking for a cool way to add rhythmical elements to your tracks or you want to create rich and exciting ambient atmospheres, OhmBoyz will get the job done.Quad Frohmage hits your tracks with a barrage of effectsQuad Frohmage is what happens when you stick way too many high-power effects and modulation sources in a single plug-in, and then do it again, and again, and again. Each of Quad Frohmage's four bands includes eight filter types with disturbing amounts of resonance plus distortion. On top of that, there's a universal envelope and envelope follower, which provide you with a modular synthesizer's worth of tone shaping controls. From subtle filtering to the sound of a ring modulate that's about to rip itself apart, Quad Frohmage delivers.Mobilohm multiband phaser will spice up any soundLet's be perfectly clear - Mobileohm is not your daddy's phaser. This 4-band phaser effect will let you totally transform your tracks with moving, pulsing, flowing, and rhythmically exciting frequency modulation. With filters so powerful, you can comfortably use them to turn drum loops into synthesizer tracks, and freakishly flexible modulation options to boot, you'll never reach the limit of what Mobileohm can do.Hematohm frequency shifter creates freq-y effectsSound designers and effects junkies take note: once you start messing around with Hematohm, you'll be lost in a tone-tweaking trance that could last for days. Not to be confused with any old pedestrian pitch shifter, Hematohm lets you manipulate specific frequencies, leaving the rest of the harmonic content of your material intact. Add that together with a wicked e
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The Liquid Force B.O.B. brings you the next generation in PRO Models. This new shape incorporates our new performance paradigm offering the rider a board encompassing an innovative core, construction process, and design features that make your board come alive. One ride on the B.O.B. and you'll feel the difference. A thin profile CNC all wood core is the heart. Next it's wrapped in our lightweight glass layup for the ultimate in responsive flex. Then we finish it with a one- of-a-kind see thru graphic to show the beauty that starts at the heart of this board. Also available in a Grind version, you can get your B.O.B. with our exclusive GRIND base and a softer flex pattern for pressing rails and maximum durability. If you're like Bob Soven and you've been waiting for that next level wake charging ride, your wait is officially over!Key Features of the Liquid Force B.O.B. Wakeboard: Next-Gen LF Pro Model Construction: Thinner profile, wood core, lively flex pattern... LF's Next Gen brings life to your ride. Progressive, FIVE Stage Rocker: Extra straight-up kick off the wake without the braking effect of a traditional abrupt 3-stage bottom curve. LF Internal Liquid Rail: Elastomeric sidewall encloses the core of the board for increased durability and sidewall strength. Single to Double Venturi Concave Hull Shape: Water speeds thru a wide center concave into compressing dual outboard concaves that accelerate flow giving this board extra boost off the wake. Edge channels running thru board center provides extra edging control. LF Exclusive GRIND Base available on B.O.B. Grind Wakeboard Binding CompatabilityCan accomodate bindings with a 6 inch binding plate found here. Can only accommodate a single mounting position option for Liquid Force bindings with a 8 inch binding plate and offers two positions for all other vendors found here.
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SRAM once again made its signature leap by creating the new Force group with a 'True 22' shifting system. Force now carries an 11-speed drivetrain that provides 22 useable and trim-free gears, combined with the functionality and beautiful aesthetics of SRAM's flagship Red group. We tip our hats to SRAM, as its engineers have successfully carried over the best attributes of its top-end Red group, at a price that's within reach of a greater number of cycling enthusiasts. For the new Force 22 groupset, the shifters were completely overhauled, now wearing the same hood and lever shape as the current Red 22/Ergo Dynamic Shifters. The new shifters also borrow the same durable, reliable internals that have made Red the preferred componentry choice for many pro tour teams. Force 22 hoods are now practically identical to Red's, aside from the stealthy gray-on-black graphic treatment. SRAM carried over the ErgoFit bodies and internals of its Red Ergo Dynamic Shifters, with the exception of them now being built with an 11th indent. In designing the shifters for Red, SRAM focused its research and development on perfecting their shape, texture, and materials. The new ErgoFit bodies are somewhat smaller in diameter when compared side-to-side with the original Force. This improves grip and finger wrap by allowing more room under the hood for a control- and comfort-boosting connection. The new shape offers a smooth transition from bar to hood and SRAM covered it with lightly padded, textured rubber to thwart fatigue and enhance grip. They also reshaped the hoods, increasing the size of the bulge up top for increased leverage and comfort when you're stretched out, putting extra pressure on the hoods. Because the internals carry over, or have been slightly modified to fit the new body, the Force 22 levers retain the crisp movement between gears SRAM mastered with the first-generation Red. The key to this is SRAM's ZeroLoss and DoubleTap technologies. DoubleTap technology allo...
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