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The strength of the Forte Collection is in its uncompromising flexibility. Signature details include a floating desk top over raised beams and face-framed fronts with detailed moldings. Flexible in scale allowing the user to start with a single desk purchase, build to executive dimensions, or expand into multi-workstation systems. Each piece has been designed with great attention to how users work and interact with each other and with the latest technologies. While data goes wireless, devices requiring power proliferate. Forte features an integrated cable management system that keeps desktops uncluttered and data and power management out of site, yet within arms reach. Furniture combinations can create functional and expansive work areas for any size office. The deep, Dark Alder finish complements this versatile furniture and allows Forte to pair up stylishly with a wide variety of home and business office settings. Pieces sold individually. Easy assembly is required. Backed by the manufacturer's 5-year limited warranty. Includes track system with 3 organizers to accommodate folders, pens, PDA, clips, etc. Finished on all sides to easily be used as a room divider or partition. Attaches to the credenza for a complete furniture piece. Open storage space lets you choose how to organize your things and where. Sauder Laminate Furniture Collections part of a large selection of office furniture and business equipment, whether for a home office or traditional office. Sauder(R) Forte Collection Hutch With Open Storage, 19 1 - 2in.H x 56 1 - 2in.W x 9 1 - 2in.D, Dark Alder is one of many Laminate Furniture Collections available through Office Depot. Made by Sauder.
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