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The fsa k shallow road handlebar 42cm width 125mm drop 31.8mm clamp is sold out or discontinued. We found 1500 related products.
Not all carbon is created equal, and the FSA K-Force Light Nano K Compact Handlebar proves that this statement couldn't be more obvious. Made from a proprietary carbon construction process, the K-Force Light Nano Handlebar simply does more with less. And when paired with FSA's trendsetting compact shape, you'll be reaping the benefits of lower weight, higher comfort, and greater handling. FSA's K-Force Light Nano K Compact Handlebar is made from the exclusive monocoque nano tube carbon fiber. Formed in a continuous, one-piece construction, the nano design provides a heightened rigidity and immense weight savings over traditional carbon fiber. This is achieved by FSA inserting nano tubes into the carbon resin. During the molding process, the tubes are fused with the monocoque carbon, where they act as a reinforcement. Ultimately, this process allows the bars to use less material for greater comfort and stiffness. Additionally, the carbon construction dampens road vibration which, over time, reduces material fatigue. The engineered result is simple -- the K-Force Light Nano K handlebar will remain stiffer, longer. The K-Force features reinforced and textured clamping areas for the attachment of the levers and stem. This treatment prevents slippage, and helps to maintain the life of the bars. FSA has also widened the center section to 110mm in order to allow the addition of clip-on aero extensions or any combination of accessories. To achieve an agreeable shape that improves reach to the drops, FSA has designed the K-Force Compact with a shallow 125mm drop, 80mm reach, and 2 degree outward bend. And to ensure a consistent fit and ride quality for every rider, these dimensions vary in scale by each of the three widths available. The bar also offers internal cable routing, not only for a sleek aesthetic, but also for an unencumbered hand position. The FSA K-Force Light Nano K Compact Handlebar is available in the widths 40cm, 42cm, and 44cm. The ha...
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FSA focused on comfort when designing the K-Wing Compact Handlebar. The flattened Aero-Ergo profile of the tops is a testament to this. Not only does the profile of the top spread your weight over more of your hands to relieve pressure, but they're also angled down ever-so-slightly. The idea is that angling the tops down mimics the natural position that your wrists assume when you grab the tops of the handlebar. So, you're able to adopt a more natural position whether you're climbing, or just giving your back a rest from the hoods. The moderate 125mm drop and 80mm reach put these handlebars in the realm of short/shallow. And the drops are angled by two degrees in order to mimic the natural position of your wrists when you're in them. It's a subtle difference from parallel drops, but one that becomes apparent the longer that your ride goes on. The hand-to-bar interface isn't the only design feature that FSA obsessed over. There's a textured clear coat at the stem clamp and brake lever mounts. This high-friction coating ensures a slip-free interface, even on rough roads. The internal cable routing yields clean lines, and the cable channels are slightly larger than you'll find on some other bars. This enables trouble-free cable routing, even with electronic cabling. And while the carbon fiber/Kevlar construction ensures a comfortable ride and plenty of longevity, it's the 3k carbon weave on the outer-layer that makes these handlebars so eye-catching. The FSA K-Wing Compact Handlebar is available in the sizes 40, 42, and 44cm and in the colors Black and White. Please note that this handlebar is only compatible with 31. 8mm clamp diameter stems.
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