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Webkinz Chihuahua

The Mexican puppy is a craze all over. But when it comes to its online friend, the Webkinz Chihuahua, it is even more adorable. Bring home this Webkinz pet and create its virtual avatar by keying in the special code given. This online pet chihuahua is all the more lovable because of its small stature. The Webkinz Chihuahua's big brown eyes reveal how big a heart it has. This Webkinz pet behaves like a king on his favorite Poco Fiesta Throne. This online pet chihuahua has a big appetite for the Bueno Bone Burritos, so make sure to have some handy for him. “Once a friend always a friend” is a statement that perfectly fits this Webkinz Chihuahua.

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Webkinz Chihuahua


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pros: cute, cuddly

cons: 0

Henry says, is this my twin? Webkinz Chihuahua

Since we have a Chihuahua, it's only fitting that we have a Webkinz Chihuahua. We had the Webkinz Li... See Full Review



pros: Chihuahua is pet of the Month for December...

cons: There are only a couple of days left to adopt one....

Then Comes Angel.... Our Cheeky Chihuahua

The thing about Webkins adoptable pets is that you have to keep adding them or your account. Adoptin... See Full Review



pros: cute, fun to play with

cons: can be addictive!

Our First Webkinz....The Chihuahua...a Very Cute Start!

&#147Break out the sombreros and piñatas, the Chihuahua has arrived in Webkinz World from south of t... See Full Review



pros: if you like chihuahuas, good quality stuffed animal

cons: some might not like chihuahuas, cultural stereotyping?

Webkinz Chihuahua: Ay Chihuahua! (Spelled IYchuwawa)

When perusing the Webkinz catalog, my six year old was quite emphatic that she needed a Webkinz Chih... See Full Review

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Brand Webkinz
Character Chihuahua