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Order Online Or Call Us At 1-718-734-1516 .I originally bought this just to make rich compost for my garden, but loved it so much, I wanted to share it with you! Yes, in between shipping all your packages, I do find a few minutes each weekend to do my gardening! What makes my garden special is everything is ORGANIC and that all starts with the secret of my gardening success: MY GARDEN GOURMET COMPOSTER!These are VERY HARD TO FIND and USED ONES have sold for over $250.00. I am more interested in helping my fellow gardeners than making a huge profit on this. With the FREE s/h that we offer on this heavy item, we don't make very much at all, but we are proud to be able to offer this GREEN item and do our part for our Earth.Start composting and reduce your curbside garbage! This Garden Gourmet Composter is for you, the environmentally conscious person who chooses to turn their organic kitchen and yard waste material into a valuable resource for your garden and lawn. Did you know your organic waste material is a valuable resource that you can harness and turn into nutrient rich humus for a beautiful and healthy garden! Composting is a natural process in which bacteria and other organisms break down your kitchen and yard waste into humus -- a rich, dark, soil-like material that enriches gardens and boosts lawn fertility while retarding soil erosion. Transform your kitchen scraps and yard waste into a rich, chemical-free fertilizer that costs nothing to produce, yet offers a rich bounty! You can compost your fruits and vegetable scraps such as banana peels, apple cores, orange rinds, grape stems, carrot tops, egg shells, tea bags, coffee grounds and filters, grass clippings from your lawn, leaves, twigs, whatever you have leftover in your yard and kitchen! The material put into the composter often attracts worms, who come up from the ground to help break down the compost. Additionally, the rich organic soil you will create is ideal for worm farms.The Garden Gourmet Composter has a capacity of 300 liters (79.25 US Gallons)!!! Set-up, the dimensions of the Garden Gourmet are 40“ high x 23“ wide x 23“ deep!!!The Garden Gourmet Composter comes with an easy to follow guide booklet to help you get started with the do's and don'ts of composting, especially good for first-timers! The Garden Gourmet Composter is constructed from 100% recycled plastic materials -- nothing that will rot or rust. The modular snap-fit design makes it easy to assemble in minutes. The sliding door at the base makes compost removal fast and efficient. The handy instruction guide also has instructions in french and spanish.Here is a FREE secret you can use to get your compost to breakdown faster............ after you have your first layer in, add half a can of beer..... and you can drink the other half of the can, as your reward for doing something green, for Earth.
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