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The ge ho97949 card reader is sold out or discontinued. We found 1500 related products.
Replacement Thermostat used on some GE, Americana, Hotpoint, Kenmore and RCA brand Stove / Oven / Range models.Direclty Replaces: WB20K8, AP2623073, WB20K10023, WB20K10008, 164D2793P001, 183D5463P001, 223C3823P001, 251863, AH235170, EA235170, PS235170, WB20K0006, WB20K0008, WB20K6, WB24X20656.Specifications: Approx. 43L 3/4 shaft, 2 terminals. 120 volt, 5 amp. Single pole. 36capillary.Diagnosis and Repair TipsRepair Skill Level:Failure Symptoms: Oven bakes unevenly, won't turn off, oven fan keeps running, or if there's a problem with the self cleaning.How to test: The oven thermostat is difficult to test. Eliminate other components as the source of the failure before replacing the oven thermostat. Search Appliance Repair Forum for related posts.Disclaimer: Information and recommendations contained herein are believed to be accurate as of the date hereof. Since the conditions and methods of use of the information referred to are beyond control, and Appliance Zone, cannot be held liable for results obtained or arising from use or reliance on such information. The User assumes responsibility associated with making test measurements, adjustments, parts replacements and any other action necessary to perform any recommended procedures. It is the responsibility of the User to ask for clarification if a recommendation is not fully understood, including the risks and hazards associated with the recommended procedures.Compatible with the following models:GE JGBS20WEA1WW GE JGBS23WEA2WW GE JGBS23BEA2WH GE JGBS20BEA1WH GE JGBC20BEA1WH GE RGB524PEA6WH GE JGBS80SEL1SS GE JGBC20WEA1WW GE JGBS23DEW3WH GE JGBS23BEA1AD GE JGBS23BEA2AD GE JGBS23WEW3WW GE JGBS20BEW2WH GE JGBS21HED3WW GE JGBC20WEW2WW GE JGBS23BEA5WH GE JGBS20WEW2WW GE JGBS23BEA1WH GE JGBS23BEW4WH GE RGB526PEA1WH GE JGBS22BEA4WH GE JGBC20BEW2WH GE JGBS23WEA5WW GE JGBS23WEH4WW GE JGBS07PEH1WW GE JGBC20BEA1AD GE JGBS07PEA1WW GE RGB535BEA2WH GE JGBC20WEA4WW GE JGBS20WEA4WW GE JGBS22BEA5WH GE JGBS23WEA1WW GE JGBS23WEA6WW GE JGBS20BEA1AD GE JGBS23BEA1CT GE JGBS23BEA3AD GE JGBS23GEV4AD GE RGB508PEA1WH GE RGB535GEV5WH GE JGBS09PEF1WW GE JGBS10BEH3BB GE JGBS10WEF1WW GE JGBS20WEA3WW GE JGBS20WEA5WW GE JGBS20WEH1WW GE JGBS22BEA2CT GE JGBS22BEW3WH GE JGBS23BEW2WH GE JGBS23SEH1SS GE RGB524PEA4WH GE RGB524PEA5WH GE RGB524PEH1WH GE RGB526ET4WH GE RGB532BEA2WH GE RGB533WEH4WW GE RGB628GEV3WH GE JGBC15GER4 GE JGBS15GER3 GE JGBS22BEA1WH GE JGBS22BEA3WH GE JGBS23BEA4WH GE JGBS23BEH3BB GE JGBS23BEW4AD GE RGB508PEA5WH GE RGB528ER2 GE RGB532BEA1WH GE RGB535GEV5AD GE JGBC20WEH1WW GE JGBS07PEA4WW GE JGBS17PEK1WW GE JGBS17PEK2WW GE JGBS20BEA3WH GE JGBS21HED2WW GE JGBS22BEH2WH GE JGBS22BEH4WH GE JGBS23AEA2AA GE JGBS23BEA2CT GE JGBS23CEA1CC GE JGBS23WEV2WW GE JGSS05BEH1BB GE RGB528GEV3WH GE RGB532BEA3CT GE RGB532BEA6WH GE RGB532BEW2WH GE RGB533WEA4WW GE RGB533WEA5WW GE RGB533WEW3WW GE RGB628GER2 GE JGBC20WEA3WW GE JGBC20WEA5WW GE JGBS09PEH1WW GE JGBS10BEH4BB GE JGBS15PEW1WH GE JGBS21HEH1WW GE JGBS22BEH4CT GE JGBS23BEA6WH GE JGBS23CEA3CC GE JGBS23DEF2BB GE JGBS23GEV3AD GE JGBS23WEH3WW GE JGBS23WEV4WW GE JGBS23WEW2WW GE RGA724EK1WH GE RGB508PEA2WH GE RGB508PEH1WH GE RGB508PEH2WH GE RGB526ET3WH GE RGB526ET4AD GE RGB526PEA6WH GE RGB528GER5 GE RGB528GEV2WH GE RGB529GEP3 GE RGB530BEW1WH GE RGB532BEA7WH GE RGB532BEW3WH GE RGB533WEH3WW GE RGB628ET1WH GE RGB628GEV4WH GE JGBC17PEA1AD GE JGBC18EV2WW GE JGBC20BEA2AD GE JGBC20BEA4WH GE JGBC20BEW2AD GE JGBC20CEH2CC GE JGBC20WEA2WW GE JGBC20WEW1WW GE JGBS04BEA2AD GE JGBS04BEA2WH GE JGBS07PEA5WW GE JGBS07PEA7WW GE JGBS07PEH1BB GE JGBS07PEH2WW GE JGBS09PEH2WW GE JGBS10BEH1BB GE JGBS10BEH2BB GE JGBS10BEH5BB GE JGBS10WEH1WW GE JGBS15GER2 GE JGBS17EV4WH GE JGBS17PEA1CT GE JGBS17PEA2WH GE JGBS17PEA4WH GE JGBS17PEH1CT GE JGBS17PEW1WH GE JGBS17PEW2AD GE JGBS20BEH1WH GE JGBS20BEW1WH GE JGBS20WEA2WW GE JG
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