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Glory Days 2 (Nintendo DS, 2007)

Players are invited to experience airborne battle in Glory Days 2 as they align themselves in a war between two factions fighting for supreme command. Single-gamers lead an army of air and land vehicles across 16 missions in eight environments to destroy the enemy command center. Players find themselves rescuing civilians and maintaining control of resource-riddled bunkers. The action is controlled with both the touch screen and the control pad, and gamers may watch the resulting action on the upper screen. Multiplayer combat is available for up to eight people, and each mission includes objectives that may be assigned to each player.

Glory Days 2 (Nintendo DS, 2007)

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Product Reviews

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pros: Custom levels, smooth graphics, cool scrolling backgrounds

cons: To much control, only control air units directly, must read instruction manual

Will you be able to stop the invading armies found in Glory Days 2 DS?

Glory Days 2 DS is one of those video games that I could never quite get the hang of. The grap... See Full Review

Product Details

Tech Details
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Release Year 2007
Key Features
Rating E10+
Genre Shooter
Platform Nintendo DS