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The gnu rider s choice c2 btx snowboard wide 2011 2012 is sold out or discontinued. We found 437 related products.
The Gnu Forest Space Case EC2-PBTX Snowboard not only shreds the entire mountain with a fun, freestyle-specific feel, but it does so in a harmonious, asymmetric fashion. Gnu weirdo Forest Bailey rocks this asymmetric twin for his far-out freestyle riding, but it caters to anyone looking for a fun, poppy deck with astounding balance and edge hold. The Forest Space Case offers four asymmetric differences that'll have you riding more balanced than ever before. Normally the board's heel and toeside edges have the same contact length--i. e. the edge length that bites into the snow. However, this board has a shorter heelside contact edge to allow for easier heelside turns. Combined with its deeper heelside sidecut (shorter radius) and softer heelside flex, you'll be able to crank heelside turns with unprecedented precision. Add in asymmetric tip and tail shapes and you have one radical board that works with your body for easier turning. The board's EC2 PBTX profile caters to all-mountain freestyle riders looking for the fun, playful feel of Gnu's original banana rocker (BTX) with just a bit more bite and responsiveness. Basically, there's a rocker between the feet, which allows for enhanced float in powder and a buttery, jib-friendly feel. Starting just before the inserts, the board offers elliptical camber that runs to the contacts. Having these camber zones underfoot adds response when carving at high speeds, plus it enhances snap off big kickers and freestyle features. Inside the guts of this asymmetrical freestyle board, you'll find a Pickle Barrel Blend of incredibly lightweight Polonia, and strong, snappy Aspen wood. There's reinforced Space Bars along the center to combat heavy abuse from slamming onto rails, jibs, and park features. Soaking up bumps, uneven terrain and sketchy landings, the board's Liquid Crystal Polymer fibers are incredibly strong, effectively smoothing out the board's ride while delivering an extra dose of pop. Add in mellow Magne-Tract...
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Gnu has been building women's boards for as long as we can remember, and all the lessons learned along the way were used to create the Ladies Pickle PBTX Snowboard. It starts with an asymmetrical shape that works in conjunction with your asymmetrical body to make turning way easier. The twin shape and responsive flex make the Pickle a jibber's fantasy, and it has a sintered base so you'll go really fast. Don't think that this park-loving ripstick isn't versatile though, it rides just as well on a pow day as it does on the rail line. If you can't shake the feeling that you could use a good pickle in your life, you're right, and this is exactly the pickle you need.The Pickle is built on Gnu's PBTX rocker profile. Basically, there's rocker between the feet, with a flat/slightly cambered tip and tail. That nets you insane float and freestyle fun, with plenty of edge hold for ripping turns between hits. It's a true twin, so this pickle shreds switch just like it does regular. It gets better with Magne-Traction edges, which place seven strategic bumps along the edges. The bumps are bigger between the feet, which concentrates most of the grip there for a ride feeling that's really close to skateboarding. But the weirdest thing going on is the asymmetrical sidecut. Think about it, your body is symmetrical left to right, but it's asymmetrical front to back. That's why the Pickle runs a tighter sidecut on the heel edge, for responsive turns at a lower edge angle, and an open radius side cut on the toe edge, since you have more ankle articulation on toe side turns. We know, it sounds strange, but the Gnu crew have been revolutionizing snowboarding since the '70s, and those guys know what's up.The asymmetrical AP1 core uses a blend of aspen and paulownia for light weight and snappy response. UHMW external sidewalls kick up the impact resistance. The sintered base runs fast like a cheetah, and holds a bunch of wax. Best of all, you can clear your conscience knowing that you...
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Gnu Foods Flavor & Fiber Bars Banana Walnut - 1.6 oz. (45g) Gnu Foods Flavor & Fiber Bars Banana Walnut give you 12 grams of seriously good-for-you soluble and insoluble fiber in one bar. That's nearly 50% of your Daily Value of fiber in a delicious and healthy bar! The Banana Walnut Gnu Bar is chock full of delicious bananas and chunky walnuts. The aroma and taste will remind you of fresh, home-baked banana bread. One bar deliciously provides almost 50% of the Daily Value of Fiber Smile. Gnu Bars promote natural regularity and digestive health, gently and effectively Fiber helps lower cholesterol which is good for your heart Fiber absorbs and helps eliminate toxins from your body Fiber-rich foods aid in weight loss by making you feel fuller longer Only 130 - 140 Calories (varies by flavor) Great for anyone in the Weight Watchers program ... do the math! And Gnu Bars make getting your fiber so easy. Individually wrapped bars can go with you anywhere. Throw one in a gym bag or a desk drawer for a quick pick me up. You can have healthy, delicious fiber anytime; no mixing, measuring, or stirring required. Baked, chewy and delicious Gnu Bars can be enjoyed on their own, anytime, anywhere. Weight Watchers is the registered trademark of Weight Watchers International, Inc.What's so special about the Fiber in Gnu Bars?While there are many supplements and cereals that contain processed Fiber, the 6 natural whole grains in Gnu Bars are rich in beneficial nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients as well as rich in Fiber. The whole grains in Gnu Bars contain all the parts of the entire grain kernel; they haven't been milled or processed out like other so many other whole grain foods or supplements. Plus, unlike Fiber supplements, Gnu Bars taste great. They also provide you with nearly half of the Daily Value of Fiber your body needs to stay healthy!Gnu Bars come in a convenient bar form so you can always have them with you.
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