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God of War III (Sony Playstation 3, 2010)

After three years of honing his golf game (Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds), loaning out his trademark looks (LittleBigPlanet), and working on his hand-to-hand combat skills (Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny), Sony's belligerent mascot Kratos gets back to the old-fashioned deicide that made him famous in God of War III. Serving as the final installment in an epic trilogy, God of War III picks up where its predecessor concluded: with Kratos and the Titans scaling Mt. Olympus for a final confrontation with the Gods.<br><br>Gamers will guide the irascible "Ghost of Sparta" on his relentless pursuit of vengeance, taking him to the heights of the famed Greek summit, exploring the bowels of Hell, and literally standing on the shoulders of giants in Shadow of the Colossus-style levels that take place entirely on living beings the size of skyscrapers. The gameplay is once again designed to mix frequent bouts of furious, bloody combat with periods of exploration and puzzle solving, all set within massive, multifaceted levels. Sony's Santa Monica development branch created an entirely new engine for God of War III, promising groundbreaking lighting techniques that mimic the human retina, and textures designed to realistically depict muscle contours and the glisten of freshly spilled viscera.<br><br>New magical attacks and weapons, such as the supremely powerful Cestus gauntlets, help Kratos unleash his wrath in a variety of ways, but familiar items such as the Golden Fleece, the Icarus Wings, and the permanently affixed Blades of Chaos also return. Beasts are now a means of conveyance as well as an obstacle, as Kratos can rip the wings from a Harpy to glide over chasms or yank the eyeball off a Cyclops to ride it like an enraged bull, and players can help guide the tortured soul along his path of ultimate revenge by using new grappling techniques and wall-to-ground attacks to dispatch hordes of mythological foes.

God of War III (Sony Playstation 3, 2010)


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pros: Graphics, gameplay, puzzles

cons: Story is not anything special

The Immortal Kratos, the God of War, Returns to Smite Zeus

God of War III is the direct sequel to the first two games originally released on the Playstation 2,... See Full Review



pros: Gritty, visceral action, some huge spectacle boss fights

cons: Feels like it's going backwards in terms of gameplay devices

God of War 3

While God of War 3 is in many ways the best God of War game, I was kind of disappointed that the gam... See Full Review



pros: Great graphics, new monsters to battle, great sound enchantments

cons: Ghosting in some areas, jumps from a high ground he will get injured

God of war III review

Well guys I&#39;ve got to say, this is the best game I have ever played on a gaming console! I am a big... See Full Review



pros: Graphics, Scale, Gameplay

cons: Some drops in graphical quality in places, but does not detract from the experience.

EPIC Beyond Imagination

This game follows close with its two previous titles in the series. Although this one boasts incredi... See Full Review



pros: Solid gameplay, great graphics.

cons: Lacks the epic scale of earlier titles, Kratos is a jerk.

Kratos Continues His Quest for Vengeance in God of War III

Calling Sony Santa Monica&#39;s God of War III the worst game in the wildly popular God of War series to... See Full Review



pros: Graphics, sound, story, controls, gameplay, sex, violence, what's not to love?

cons: Public shootings/bombing could become known as 'Kratos problem solving' or 'doing the Kratos'

GOD OF WAR III: Interview With A Centaur

Thanks to my credentials at I decided to pursue an interview with someone involved in t... See Full Review



pros: A lot of action.

cons: A lot of blood and gore.

This is a great game. I loved it.

This is the best game of all the God of War games in the series. in this game you try to take over e... See Full Review



pros: great gameplay, epic sequences, gore to no end (and boobs if that's your thing)

cons: double jump, flying sequences, meaningless puzzles, ending is terrible

God of War III - this PS3 debut shows that old school can get old

The first two God of Wars were polished epic adventures that reinvented 3d platforming, showing the... See Full Review



pros: Graphics Voice Acting Story Controls

cons: 3/4 weapons are too similar Item switching confusion Difficulty like the other 2

One of the most exciting games of all time!

This game is a fitting end to the REVENGE trilogy. Everything is done right, and the boss battles ar... See Full Review



pros: -great graphics -same great gameplay -tons of fun

cons: -might be too violent for some people -a little on the short side

God of War III Kratos gets his revenge

God of War III is the latest installment and the last installment in the God of War trilogy. The gam... See Full Review

Product Details

Tech Details
Game Special Features <li>Massive levels unfold on living, breathing creatures four times larger than anything on the PS2<br/><br/><li>Use new weapons like the Cestus to unleash violent fury on a variety of mythological foes<br/><br/><li>Square off against the Gods in the epic finale of the God of War trilogy<br/><br/>
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Release Year 2010
Game Series God of War Series
ESRB Descriptor Intense Violence
Key Features
Rating M - Mature
Genre Action
Platform Sony Playstation 3
Product Identifiers
UPC 4948872980036
Game God of War III
MPN 711719811121