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The haba building blocks sevilla is sold out or discontinued. We found 23 related products.
Note: This tent is intended to be used as a toy and, therefore, is not treated with any fire retardant. This tent is not recommended for outdoor use. What a cute tent for little boys and girls. It can be set up indoors to transform your little one's room into a magical place. Use it for pretend play, where the fun and possibilities are only limited by your child's imagination! Includes large padded floor mat. Extra small cushions (pictured)not included. Tent is secured from ceiling, hook not included. AGE: 3 Years + Diameter: 53 in. Height: 82 in. Creative Expression: This product is especially good for encouraging imaginative and creative play in your child. This can help children learn about making decisions and developing a sense of self. (ex. Crayons). Sensory: This product is especially good for stimulating a child's sensory life, whether it be through vision, smell, hearing or tactile experience. This can encourage a child to further explore the world around them as well as provide a sense of comfort at times. (ex. Drums). Social/Emotional: This product encourages social play in one or more children, as well as emotional development. This helps children to interact and work with others cooperatively, as well as to develop certain important social emotions such as empathy and understanding. (ex. Board game). Independent Play: This product encourages a child to play and problem solve by themselves. This helps to develop a sense of autonomy and self-confidence in one's own abilities. (ex. Play mats). Measurement: Knight's Tent from Haba Toys meets or exceeds safety specifications set forth by ASTM International. Knight's Tent from Haba Toys meets or exceeds safety specifications set forth by the the BSI.
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Product Description The charm of Amsterdam comes to your playroom. This darling block set offers delightful construction experiences and pretend play with a lovely array of blocks, arches, roofs, trees, vehicles, people, and animals. Designed to model the famous canal houses in Amsterdam, (historic, narrow houses with no space between them-many stories high). A generous number of bright, versatile pieces fit together frontward, backward, upside down to create interesting, towering facades...remarkable play potential. Combine arches, buildings and play figures for a quaint little Amsterdam of your own!Haba's smooth, finely crafted pieces inspire delight for generations. Unexpected pleasure comes for children in filling the block notches with narrow window and door pieces. Haba's precision in crafting wood pieces makes it an experience similar to finding just the right fit for puzzle pieces. Spaces close up perfectly, blocks fit together well, and even adults pleasure in closing in the gaps. Along with roofs, arches, and notched blocks...children bring their little village to life with vivid, easily recognized, wooden cutouts of sitting and standing people, cars, trucks, tractor, horses, cows, sheep, dogs, ducks, trees, and benches.- Charming Little Amsterdam Village Includes 166 Wooden Pieces!- Constructed of High Quality Beech Wood Natural Pieces & Painted Pieces (Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Brown, Black, White)- A Variety of Play Pieces (Cars, Trucks, Tractor, Horses, Cows, Sheep, Dogs, Ducks, 2 types of Trees, Benches, 4 types of Roofs, Notched Blocks, Small Blocks, Sitting & Standing People).- Made in Germany.
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