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Hagen Repti - Glo 8.0 Uvb Bulb: 20with 24

Hagen Repti - Glo 8.0 UV Bulb is a must for the reptiles in your terrarium. Your crawly pet might not have lived in a desert all its life, but its genetic make-up makes it happier with lots of sunshine and ultra-violet light. Without UV light you will notice a loss in appetite and activity. There is reduced reproduction as well. The creepers are not able to convert Vitamin D to Vitamin D3, which is essential to absorb calcium. UVA (33%) and UVB (8%) from Hagen Repti - Glo 8.0 Uvb Bulb is optimum to stimulate activity and prevent the metabolic bone diseases. The 20 W bulb of 24 inch length is appropriate to cover the full depth of the terrarium. It is recommened to use in combination with Repti-Glo 2.0 - Lighting

Hagen Repti - Glo 8.0 Uvb Bulb: 20with 24

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pros: High UV, relatively inexpensive, keeps the bearded ones healthy and happy

cons: Won't work through glass or plastic, don't even try

We Want Ultra Violet Light- Bring it On

Bearded dragons love the desert and certainly must wonder what they&#146re doing in cold, damp east... See Full Review

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