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Guitar Pedals & Effects - Simply plug in your guitar and a microphone, and DigiTech's Vocalist Live Harmony will enhance your performances by adding up to two separate vocal harmonies to your voice. DigiTech's patented musIQ technology senses the guitar chords you're playing and instantly generates natural-sounding, pitch-perfect harmonies. If the music you're performing is intricate, no worries. Live Harmony is intelligent and doesn't easily get tripped up. This amazing pedal sports a host of gig-friendly features including a built-in guitar tuner, sound check phrase repeater, and a vocal phrase looper with unlimited overdubs. Turn your performances into harmony-enhanced masterpieces with DigiTech's Vocalist Live Harmony.DigiTech Vocalist Live Harmony Features at a Glance:Automatic backup singers that perform like prosVocal phrase looper with unlimited overdubsPacked with cool performance-driven featuresAutomatic backup singers that perform like prosSing a sustained note over guitar chord changes, and be amazed as the harmonies change behind you. DigiTech's Vocalist Live Harmony uses cutting-edge double-effect technology and musIQ advanced pitch detection to determine what notes to deploy and how they relate to what you're singing and playing on your guitar. The result is stunning: virtual backup singers that perform like pros. If you're like many of the performing musicians here at Sweetwater, once you hit the stage or studio with Vocalist Live Harmony, you'll never want to perform without it again.Vocal phrase looper with unlimited overdubsThe DigiTech Vocalist Live Harmony includes vocal phrase looper that works in tandem with your live performance and Live Harmony's automatically generated harmonies. With up to 70-seconds of record time and unlimited overdubs, you can lay down a phrase, and riff over it to your heart's content. Advanced double-effect technology with intelligent ducking lets you double track your voice with studio-grade fidelity. Use these powerful features to build up complex vocal arrangements - then add up to two Live Harmony auto-generated harmonies, for a vocal tour-de-force. Packed with cool performance-driven featuresDigiTech packed the Vocalist Live Harmony with the latest high-tech features to make your live shows hassle-free and better than ever. Live Harmony's onboard Gold Channel global effects give your vocals the professional polish they deserve, while its advanced 12-filter feedback suppression lets you perform with confidence. To make your gigging life easier, there's also a handy Sound Check Phrase Repeater that lets you quickly dial in your vocal effects, a Set List Preset arrangement feature, and a built-in guitar tuner. DigiTech Vocalist Live Harmony Features at a Glance:Add up to two additional voices of natural harmonies Employs musIQ advanced pitch detection technologyAdvanced double-effect technology with intelligent duckingUp to 70-second vocal phrase looper with unlimited overdubsAdvanced Feedback Suppression with 12 filtersGold Channel global effects give your vocals the professional polish they deserveSound Check phrase repeater feature for dialing in vocal effectsBuilt-in guitar tuner; Set List-preset arrangement featurePower supply included Harmony Processors
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