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Veronica Sawyer Winona Ryder has sacrificed everything in order to preserve her place in Westerburg High's most impenetrable social clique the HEATHERS. As the only member of the group not named Heather Veronica has to work extra hard just to stay afloat. Going against her own morals and intelligence Veronica succumbs to peer pressure on a daily basis faking her delight in the humiliation of the school's less popular students. Bored of the frat parties and cow tipping so popular among her friends Veronica's curiosity is peaked when a mysterious new guy named JD comes to town. The dark brooding JD Christian Slater at his best observes Veronica among her pack in the lunchroom where social hierarchy is most clearly displayed concluding that Veronica is not a Heather at heart. When Veronica confides in JD that she hates her friends and wishes Heather 1 was dead she never expects her words will have such dire consequences. Before she knows what's happening JD is dragging Veronica on a killing spree staged as a teen suicide outbreak. But as Veronica soon learns even death cannot stop the Heathers. As one Heather dies her red scrunchee the symbol of all power gets passed on to the next Heather in line and the clique that was the Heathers starts to feel like an inescapable social disease. How far will this war for popularity go? By far the darkest of teen comedies HEATHERS invented a vocabulary of teen-speak all its own asking questions like What's your damage? and introducing phrases like How very. Director Michael Lehmann successfully blends the horror comedy and teen-movie genres creating a truly original film. Full of dark humor and deeply sardonic messages HEATHERS takes a fresh look at the often-sugarcoated cinematic world of high school. Set in the 1980s the film feels timeless in its relevance because of the daring nature of its themes. Filled with great performances a candy-colored set design and an infectious soundtrack murder has never been so much fun!
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