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The heininger automotive 4252 hitchmate 48 inch x 20 inch cargo stretch web and bag with 12 hook is sold out or discontinued. We found 17 related products.
Product Information: Tired of dash mounted phone holders that ultimately send your phone or GPS sliding across the dash when you start bouncing around while off-roading or in your boat when you encounter choppy water? Heininger's CommuteMate Mat Stand is the super-easy and heavy-duty solution that works on most any flat surface, even if there's a slope. The secret is the combination of its heavy weighted base attached to a mat that is super adhesive yet leaves behind no residue. Great for hands-free cell phone use including communication and navigation apps. So convenient and functional, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it. Super-adhesive mat holds your portable devices, yet leaves no residueMagic Is the Secret The secret is in the magical little mat attached to the weighted base. They are super adhesive. Now, before you go thinking they will ruin your dash with some sticky gooey mess, you should know there is none. Put the mat down on a smooth (avoid textured surfaces as they defeat the purpose) and it will stick in place, even on uneven and sloping surfaces. Remove the mat months later and it is still as sticky and your dash is still as clean (maybe cleaner) as it was when you laid the mat down. Wash the mat with soap and water and it's still sticky. Yep, they are magical. Installation No tools are needed to set up. Simply lay the mat on a smooth flat surface (slope is not a problem) and press it firmly into place. Attach the hanger to the Mat Stand mount by aligning and inserting the four tabs on the mount with the four slots on the hanger and slide together until you hear a click. Adjust to the desired angle and voila. You're set. The mat that the stand sets on extends beyond the base of the stand giving you the ability to set your other keys, loose change, glasses or other items on it so that they don't slide around and get lost. Once the unit is in place, the intelligent holster design allows setting your phone
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