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The i.r.i.s cardiris corporate 4 for pc mac is sold out or discontinued. We found 137 related products.
Order Online Or Call Us At 1-718-734-1516. You are receiving the 3ft lightning cable with the 2 amp S p r i n t dual car / house charger.This 3ft USB LIGHTNING cable connects your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with Lightning connector to your computer's USB port for syncing and charging or to the a USB Power Adapter for convenient charging from a wall outlet or car outlet or any USB power supply. Why pay up to $30 or more for the same thing ordered elsewhere? This is the the MOST UNUSUAL, VERSATILE USB charger kit for the iPhone 5 and iPad 4th generation retina display and iPad mini. With this ONE device, you can SIMULTANEOUSLY charge your iPhone 5 and iPad 4th generation retina display (or iPad mini). This ONE SINGLE device works both in your home and auto, with no special adaptors. It is so powerful, you can even charge your iPhone and iPad simultaneously. You get a 2 AMP (2,000mA) charger; NOT only are there TWO USB charging ports, but it also can be used in EITHER your home OR your car. And the house charger plug part folds right down or storage or travel or when using it in your car, so it will not get in your way! The S p r i n t LOGO lights up and glows green when plugged in. It is really cool looking! ALTHOUGH THIS IS THE S P R I N T BRAND, don't worry if your cell phone is using a different carrier! This is just the brand of the charger. It is not some unknown generic brand, it is the famous S P R I N T BRAND!When you get this device, you will be amazed and you will have ONE and ONLY 1 question to ask...why didn't someone invent this sooner! And if you ask me that question, guess what... I have NO answer for you! ...BUT WHO CARES... because it exists NOW and we have it for you!Buy one for your home, one for each car and one for each person you would like to give one to as a gift. We have a very limited supply of these on hand, so be sure to grab yours before they are gone.
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