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The i.trek m3 gps receiver is sold out or discontinued. We found 400 related products.
Entertainment Earth Exclusive! This life-size Star Trek Original Series Communicator talks! An authentic, limited edition, collectible replica. Just like the prop, only better! Beeps sounds and speaks 9 phrases from the sci-fi TV show. Can be configured to call you back! Enterprise, this is Kirk. Get ready for the ultimate Star Trek adventure with this Original Series Communicator! With sound effects and clips from the groundbreaking sci-fi series, each of these limited edition collectibles features a pop-open design and deluxe window-box packaging. This exclusive, life-size communicator has a glossy paint base and plastic shield. Don't get caught on your next away mission without one of these handy lifesavers. Order yours and live the dream of owning your own Star Trek Communicator! Along with beeping sounds, there are 9 different voice phrases that include: Enterprise, this is Kirk. (Captain Kirk) Spock here, Captain. (Spock) Bridge here, Captain. Transporter room ready to beam up. Bridge, this is the captain. (Captain Kirk) Enterprise to Mr. Spock. Captain, shall I beam down an armed party? (Spock, plays during call-back mode only) Scotty here, Captain. (Scotty) Entertainment Earth exclusive bonus phrase! Your signal is very weak; can you turn up your gain? (Spock) Special functions of this item include: Cycle through all 9 phrases! To play all the sayings from Kirk, Spock, Scotty, and Uhura, just press and hold the button under the blue light for 3 seconds. Be hailed by the Enterprise! Hold down the button under the red light for 5 seconds, and quickly close the communicator. A few seconds later, your communicator will start to beep and once you open it, Spock will ask if he can beam down an armed landing party. Quick flip-open activation! A motor inside the communicator will start spinning and an activation sequence will play when you flip open the plastic gold communicator lid. NOTE: For full enjoyment of this product, please take note to remove the plastic tab inserted on the communicator's side. The communicator's full functionality is activated only when the item is opened and the tab is removed.
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Entertainment Earth Exclusive! This medical tricorder is true to the original Star Trek series. Incredibly detailed and features the voice of Dr. McCoy. Includes lights, sounds, and an exclusive removable scanner with motion effects. It's perfect for your next away mission! DON'T FORGET... The EE Exclusive Star Trek Classic Gold Phaser and Communicator (sold separately) is a must-add accessory to any Away Team outfit, and a great compliment to your tricorder! The set includes an exclusive gold-handled electronic phaser in addition to our exclusive communicator, which has a real metal antenna. Click through for pricing and availability. The Entertainment Earth Exclusive Star Trek Original Series Medical Tricorder is a compulsory component of any futuristic first-aid kit. Following the runaway success of the classic-era phaser and communicator, you can now boldly go where no man has gone before with this authentic tricorder replica! Based on the 23rd-century design seen in the original Star Trek television series, the remarkably detailed electronic instrument features silver highlights over a black finish, plus light and sound effects taken from the watershed TV show. It's perfect for your next away mission! Window-box packaging. The Entertainment Earth Exclusive Medical Tricorder is the ultimate replica for any fan, collector, or 23rd-century physician. Not only does the case open to reveal the detailed interior, but this deluxe version also includes a compartment with a removable scanner accessory with sounds and motion that you won't find anywhere else! The Tricorder features blinking lights, a spinning scanner, light-up elements, and an adjustable shoulder strap. All doors open and close. This Tricorder includes 7 electronic phrases from Dr. McCoy that you won't find anywhere else! They include: Shock, radiation burns... internal injuries for certain. This is medically impossible! Some heart flutter. Better risk a few drops of cordrazine. Respiration normal; blood pressure normal. He's in perfect health. He's dead, Jim. I'm a Doctor, not a brick layer! Collector's Notes: To activate the Tricorder's lights and sounds and hear all the electronic phrases, the machine must be in play mode. To accomplish this, open the battery compartment and move the switch from Try Me to Play. The instruction manual for this item contains an error. Pushing the button on the removable scanner should activate the sound, but turning the thumbnail wheel is required to make the sensor spin. Please try that and see if that handles it for you.
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