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The iqair perfect 16 air purifier is sold out or discontinued. We found 25 related products.
The IQAir ParticleScan Lite features low cost and high sensitivity, making it a powerful tool for sales professionals, service technicians or others who conduct air filtration product and efficiency demonstrations. With a detection range down to 0.3 microns, the ParticleScan Lite provides exceptional value. It is designed for the detection of airborne particle concentrations in normal and polluted indoor environments. The ParticleScan Lite is ideal for demonstrating the efficiency of air cleaners, air filters, and vacuum cleaners. The simple on/off functionality of this handheld scanner, combined with single-channel particle counting, make it ideal for many air quality professionals who want accurate results and ease of use at an affordable price. Applications The ParticleScan Lite is a powerful, yet affordable, IAQ tool that supports simple and accurate air quality testing. The scanner has the same particle range as other ParticleScan models, but its simple controls make it perfect for sales and service professionals Show the efficiency of filters, air cleaners and vacuum cleaners The ParticleScan Lite is easy to use for testing the air at the intake and outlet of an air cleaner, air filter or vacuum cleaner. Use it in the showroom or in the field. Inspect HVAC equipment and ducting The ParticleScan Lite detects particles down to 0.3 microns in diameter every six seconds, so it provides continuous readings wherever and whenever needed. The ParticleScan Lite makes it easy to quickly demonstrate air quality problems and solutions in the showroom and in the field. Manually monitor indoor and outdoor particle concentrations The ParticleScan Lite is functional both indoors and outside, so it can be used to quickly and easily assess conditions and demonstrate the effectiveness of indoor air quality measures. Track down particulate pollution sources The isokinetic probe and handheld ease of using the ParticleScan Lite make it easy to take air quality readings exactly where the suspected source of a problem may be. There is no better tool for quick and accurate assessments. Evaluate effectiveness of pollution control measures Particle counts offer proof of which pollution control measures are working – and which aren’t. Customers and prospects will benefit from the added value and expertise that scientific air-quality readings from the ParticleScan Lite add. Spot-check particulate pollution levels in the workplace The ParticleScan Lite is portable and durable enough to take anywhere. It comes in its own polypropylene case for superior protection in a home or showroom, in the field, or in an office or other work environment.
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