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iRobot Roomba 560 - Silver/Black - Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The Roomba 560 Cleaner can be programmed to handle daily vacuuming automatically, up to seven times a week, for regular, thorough cleaning on a variety of surfaces. <br><br> How the iRobot Roomba 560 Works <br> The iRobot Roomba 560 can eliminate 98 percent of dust and debris without any assistance, using a cleaning system with three distinct stages. It includes a built-in counter-rotating beater and bristle brushes that work much like a dustpan and broom. Like a traditional canister vacuum, this robotic vacuum cleaner has a fine filter designed to trap and hold even the finest particles of pollen and dust. <br><br> Using advanced sensors and software such as iAdapt Technology, the Roomba 560 Cleaner goes over each part of the floor multiple times, ensuring that all areas are left dust-free. It detects areas that require additional attention using the Dirt Detect acoustic sensor, adding additional power and spending more time on them for a complete clean. The iRobot Roomba 560 features a spinning side brush and Wall-Following Technology for complete room coverage and extra efficiency along edges.<br><br> Where the Roomba 560 Cleaner Can Go <br> Engineers have designed the iRobot Roomba 560 to maneuver on any surface, from linoleum to tile, carpet to hardwood, and more. The machine adjusts its cleaning head suspension system automatically when sensors detect a change in flooring material. It covers the entire floor area, including underneath furniture, thanks to its compact shape. Several safety features are built right in to prevent it from meeting with any disaster. First, the Roomba 560 Cleaner has Cliff Detection, so it automatically senses and avoids stairs. Second, advanced Anti-Tangle Technology prevents carpet fringe, cords, and tassels from jamming the equipment, which adds to this robotic vacuum cleaner’s ability to operate independently. <br> Finally, if there are rooms that the machine should not enter, the Auto Virtual Walls feature is used to create a barricade that the machine will not cross. This ensures that off-limits areas don’t present a hazard. Along with preventing the Roomba 560 Cleaner from crossing into a prohibited area, the Lighthouse setting keeps Roomba confined to a single room until that room has been completely cleaned. <br><br> The iRobot Roomba 560 is Easy to Operate <br> The Roomba 560 Cleaner was designed for one-touch operation. With just a push of the clearly labeled “clean” button, the robot is ready to go. The convenient Spot Clean Mode makes for quick and painless attention to problem areas when there is an unexpected mess in a concentrated location. It is recommended that floors are cleared of clutter to ensure maximum cleaning coverage. <br> In addition, it is programmed to return to its Home Base for docking and recharging when its work is complete, or when it detects that its battery power is low. The iRobot Roomba 560 handles the task of removing pet fur, dust, dirt, and other debris automatically at the most convenient time of day or night. The advanced technology gives the robot smart sensors that allow for minimal human interaction.

iRobot Roomba 560 - Silver/Black - Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Reviews

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pros: Does a great job vacuuming all floor types Easy to remove dirt/clean

cons: Standard battery only lasts about 30 minutes

Roomba 560 works great!

I had an older model Roomba and found a great deal on the Roomba 560 and decided to upgrade. The old... See Full Review



pros: Great suction, small and compact

cons: stops when it encounters wires or different piled rugs

Great little Robot

LOVE my Roomba. I was amazed at how good the suction is for such a little vacuum. It is very powerfu... See Full Review



pros: Good for a few weeks

cons: always break, havent heard of one lasting more then a month

Dont Buy not worth it

My family has owned at least 4 Roombas and all of them have broken. They are good first the first fe... See Full Review



pros: Fun to watch! Does a great job! Watch TV while a robot does your vacuuming!

cons: Takes longer than you would, but does a superior job.

Roomba does the job!

I got this thing and, although I had my reservations, I had read a number of positive reviews so I t... See Full Review



pros: It cleans your house every single day. No need to remember to charge it.

cons: Needs to be cleaned every day. Mechanism is delicate.The instruction manual is too basic.

Can't live without him.

With a full time job, 3 very active boys and 2 cats Roomba is a great partner. I used to vacuum my h... See Full Review



pros: Cleans well, fairly quiet, saves time.

cons: Hard to clean brushes where attached to Roomba.

Great Little Helper!

I wondered how well this robotic sweeper would work, but was a little leary. Then a&amp;... See Full Review



pros: A great time saver for me and does a good job

cons: A bit pricy and way too noisy

iRobot Roomba 560 Robotic Vacuum

Several years ago I won one of the first Roomba models. I was at a company party and happened to pic... See Full Review



pros: Fantastic time saving devise when it works and picks up better than conventional vacuum cleaners.

cons: Likely to breakdown within 12-18 months. Customer Service is terrible. Doesn't do stairs.

Roomba - Sorry, it's too good to be true!

I purchased my first Roomba 560 in Jan 09 which worked amazingly on my thick pile carpet, I was... See Full Review



pros: Good coverage Easy & convenient to use (except for freq. cleaning)

cons: Cheap plastic bearings Frequently cleaning required Dirt detector inefficient Terrible customer service (mostly outsourced!)

Frustrating product and customer service experience

The bearings on the unit that I purchased broke within only one month of purchase, which led to mult... See Full Review



pros: its almost a set and forget product

cons: is loud if watching tv in same room..but not unreasonably

my roomba take so far

got the 560 for my lovely lady at xmas time. she cleans daily and was really wanting one to help her... See Full Review

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