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The kelly computer supply kcs17900 tuk a way gel mouse platform black gray is sold out or discontinued. We found 862 related products.
Kelly SHU Pro Kick Drum Microphone Shock Mount System Silver - Stage vibrations and low-end transfer can rob your amplified kick drum sound of its full sonic potential. An isolated kick drum microphone platform is the best logical defense against these unwanted mechanical interferences. Give your kick drum the tool it needs to sound its best by installing the Patented Kelly SHU Pro - an integerated shock-mount and isolation system adaptable for any standard kick drum microphone and any size or depth of kick drum. The system can be installed internally within the drum or externally on the front of the drum with complete instructions provided for either usage. The Kelly SHU Pro system requires 0% of your valuable stage or riser space and eliminates the need of an additional microphone stand for the kick drum mic. Reclaim your stage space and clean up the signal from your kick drum at the same time! No Drilling is required to install the Kelly SHU Pro system and you'll have peace of mind knowing that your microphone will not shift out of position during play or transport. Quick Simple Secure and Consistent - The Kelly SHU Pro is your hassle free solution to reliable kick drum microphone placement. The Kelly SHU Pro main mounting unit is made from individually machined #303 aluminum stock and anodized in your choice of either stage black or silver colors. The system provides 10 interior leather support loops for internal installations 3.5 ft. of solid rubber support cord and 20 easy-on/easy-off self clamping hook sets. The Kelly SHU Pro carries a limited lifetime warranty on the main mounting unit and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.
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Give your customers flawless service in style with this Choice Kelly green full length bib apron. This apron offers all of the amenities of the Choice full length bib apron with pockets with the added benefit of a smooth adjustable neck and an additional pocket. This easy to use taber buckle adjustment will ensure that this bib apron is a comfortable fit for any staff member and will add to the professional and uniform appearance of your staff, eliminating bunching, knotting, and trailing that comes from improperly fitting aprons. This Choice Kelly green full length bib apron with adjustable neck is a stylish alternative to plain bib aprons. With a curved silhouette and strong, low ties secured to a narrow bib, it will look great on your baristas, bartenders, or bakers. This apron offers a sleek, clean look and significant protection to your clothes, as it is made of heavyweight deluxe poly / cotton blend. This apron provides a durable, full coverage solution to protect your and your staff's clothing. This bright Kelly green apron world prove a perfect addition to any sandwich shop or corner grocery store. Choosing the green color is an easy way to incorporate a pop of color to your business and will give your staff a signature appearance! This Choice apron features two 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 side pockets for storing recipes, writing utensils, day of the week stickers, and much more. Aprons with pockets are perfect for use in your restaurant, hotel, cafeteria, deli, or educational institution. Overall Dimensions: Length: 32 Width: 28 APRN BIB ADJ 28X32 KG From Choice
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