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Kirby Squeak Squad  (Nintendo DS, 2006)

Kirby Squeak Squad invites players to chase down the strawberry shortcake stealing culprit playing as the pink puff with a penchant for swallowing things. Gamers navigate Kirby through numerous environments while jumping, floating, and eating their way through each stage. Not only can Kirby use powers from swallowed things to launch an attack on enemies, certain abilities can affect the landscape as well. For example, the fire skill can burn up trees and grass while the ice powers can freeze water. Additionally, the action is shown on the upper screen of the DS while items Kirby eats are dropped into the lower screen. Players may collect a variety of items and then combine objects to create new helpful doodads. For example, combining two cakes makes an "M" tomato that can replenish Kirby's health. Friends may play together by using a multi-card or through a local wireless network.

Kirby Squeak Squad (Nintendo DS, 2006)

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Product Reviews

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pros: At length, a classic style Kirby game (mostly) with some solid gameplay.

cons: Short. Final boss fight is so anticlimactic it's almost funny.

At Last, the First Real Kirby Game In, Um...

Poor King Dedede. He's been the bad guy exactly once in Popstar's history and the hero at least twic... See Full Review



pros: Cute Graphics and Presentation, Huge List of Power-ups, Very Fun Gameplay

cons: Too Easy, Item Management on Lower Screen Can be a Hassle

Kirby Squeak Squad: - T'was A Case of Stolen Cheesecake

Earlier in it's life, the Nintendo DS saw the release of a Kirby game. Unfortunately for diehard fan... See Full Review

Product Details

Tech Details
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Release Year 2006
Key Features
Rating E - Everyone
Genre Action, Adventure
Platform Nintendo DS
Other Features
Brand Nintendo of America, Inc.