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Some Land Rover key fob remotes require a special “Flash“ or “Erase“ procedure in order to program to your vehicle. The manufacturer put in a security measure where the key can only be programmed once. So in order for the remote to be programmed again, it will have to have this procedure done. We wish it wasn't this way, but unfortunately this is the way it is for these particular remotes. So if you are purchasing a Land Rover key fob remote that looks similar to the remotes we have listed (the type & number of buttons does not matter), you will need to purchase this service. If this “Flash“ service is not performed you will receive a “Bad Key“ error when the dealer goes to program it, and the dealer will still charge you a fee.Again, you will not be able to program these styles of key fob remotes unless they have had this “Flash“ service performed. If you are purchasing a key fob remote from Keyless Entry Remote Inc., please allow 7-10 days for your remote to be delivered. You just purchase this “Flash“ service AND the remote you need. These are two separate items. If you purchase just the remote from Keyless Entry Remote Inc, it will be unable to program to a vehicle until this service has been done.If you have a remote you purchased from another source and need this “Flash“ service performed, please purchase this service and send the remote along with your order number to:Keyless Entry Remote Inc.Flash Service10306 Ellison CircleOmaha, NE 68134IF you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at 402-671-5100.This Is A Service Performed On A Key Fob. Not An Actual Key Fob
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