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The leg avenue captain swashbuckler 10 12 is sold out or discontinued. We found 788 related products.
This leg mannequin includes a glass base with calf rod for stability. The lower body store display is perfect for showcasing shorts or pants within any retail setting. This men’s leg mannequin has a fair skin tone coloring. Formed feet fit most shoes.This retail store display, a 45-1/2 tall leg mannequin is constructed from polyethylene plastic for durability and years of use. Each of these models features a natural skin tone finish that creates eye-catching displays. Every plastic leg mannequin has molded feet and legs that are designed to model men's apparel including clothing products such as pants and shoes. Merchants use these fashion fixtures on table tops to showcase a specific item or as part of a larger advertisement display in a store window. Each male leg mannequin accentuates any boutique or retail location! Retailers often use these pant forms in conjunction with other models to create interesting displays that attract attention and drive new clients into the store. Each leg mannequin that is ideal for retail stores is sure to meet even the most demanding visual merchandising needs! Increase brand awareness with these pant forms!This leg mannequin that is realistic, such as this fashion display, is an important promotional tool for any retail establishment. Each clothing products model is supported by a calf rod that is anchored by a tempered glass base that is more durable than traditional glass. Every leg mannequin that is skin tone is designed to model pants and shoes in a natural and realistic way. Please note that some apparel items may need to be altered to accommodate the calf rod. Each versatile leg mannequin pivots on the base and can be displayed at various angles to create interesting and appealing promotional advertisements. Each apparel model ships fully assembled and only needs to be placed on the base for displaying. Create intricate and interesting displays for men's clothing products with this leg mannequin!
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