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Guitar Amps - The smallest Leslie ever! The Leslie Studio 12 combo amplifier gives you that classic rotating-speaker sound, in a compact format that's perfect for gigging with. This dual-rotor Leslie comes with a footswitch to switch between fast and slow rotor speeds - call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer to learn about adding Leslie's exclusive Gas Pedal (sold separately) for custom speeds and swell effects. Designed for keyboards, but with a 1/4 input for virtually any instrument, the Leslie Studio 12 combo amplifier is the most gig-ready Leslie yet.Leslie Studio 12 Rotary-speaker Combo Amplifier at a Glance:Vintage tube toneClassic Leslie dual-rotor soundPerfect for keyboards and guitarVintage tube toneThe Leslie Studio 12 is a 100-watt combo amp with a tube preamp and a solid state power amp. Whether you're plugging a guitar, keyboard, or other instrument into the Studio 12, you'll get a rich, full-range sound that's instantly recognizable.Classic Leslie dual-rotor soundLeslie's Studio 12 combo amp packs Leslie's horn and rotor mechanism in the most compact design yet. You can switch between fast and slow rotor speeds with the included footswitch. If you want access to custom speeds and expressive swell effects, call Sweetwater to learn more about the Leslie Gas Pedal.Perfect for keyboards and guitarWhile the rotating speaker effect that Leslie created is most often attributed to keyboards and organs, it's been used on countless guitar parts as well. Leslie gave the Studio 12 a standard 1/4 input that's ready for both guitar and keyboards, which makes it a smart addition to any recording studio's amp collection.Leslie Studio 12 Rotary-speaker Combo Amplifier Features:Smallest-ever dual-rotor Leslie amplifierLeslie horn and rotor mechanism creates the classic rotating-speaker effect12 Eminence bass speaker for rich toneFootswitch included to toggle fast/slow rotor speeds1/4 input for guitar and keyboardInput for optional Gas Pedal controller (sold separately)The Leslie Studio 12 is the most gig-ready Leslie ever! Guitar Combo Amps
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Guitar Amps - Forget about flangers or Leslie emulators - the only thing that sounds just like a real Leslie cabinet is a real Leslie cabinet! From The Beatles to Cream and into the next millennium, getting the perfect Leslie guitar tone has been the holy grail of creative guitarists. In the past, using a Leslie with your guitar meant a juggling a ton of extra gear. That all changed when Leslie themselves got involved and the G27 extension cabinet hit the streets. The Leslie G37 rotary guitar combo amplifier changes things completely by giving you an all-in-one guitar amp/rotary cabinet that's been painstakingly voiced for guitar. If you've been searching for the perfect Leslie-style guitar amp, the G37 is it!Countless hours of field testing and interviews with some of the greatest guitarists in the world went into developing this fantastic guitar amplifier. As opposed to even the highly coveted Leslie Model 18 Vibratone cabinets, Leslie designed everything about the G37 with guitars in mind. It all starts with a choice of high- or low-gain input, allowing you to match your guitar to the G37 perfectly. Next, there's the G37's 100-watt hybrid amplifier section, loaded with a tube front end and a solid-state power section. An entire bank of tone controls, including a 3-band EQ and contour settings lets you dial in your sound to taste. You can also dial in the speed for both the G37's fast and slow settings, which takes us to the speakers and baffles. A specially designed high-frequency Leslie horn and 12 vintage V30 speaker fire into separate rotating drums. The G37 includes a dual foot switch for selecting rotation speed, and there's an optional V-20RT infinitely variable speed control pedal available as well. The range of effects you can get from a Leslie G37 is simply staggering!Leslie G37 Combo Guitar Amplifier with Rotating Speakers Features at a Glance:A Leslie built 100% with guitar in mindOnboard 100-watt amplifier with a vacuum tube preampSingle-Channel Input features low and high gain input jacks2-speed horn and bass rotorSlow and fast rotational speeds can be individually adjustedHorn and bass rotor will automatically stop in the forward position when the stop mode is selected12 vintage V30 low-frequency drive made with all original materialsGenuine Leslie high-frequnecy horn driverFS-10TL dual foot switch allows you the select slow, fast, and stop speedOptional variable speed control pedal (V-20RT) availableRugged-built, black painted cabinet made of 3/4 MDF, with protective corners and folding handlesDimensions: 20 x 20.25 x 26.5Weight: 100 lbs.Get the sound guitarists everywhere have been after since the '60s, with the Leslie G37 combo amplifier and rotary cabinet! Guitar Combo Amps
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