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The licorice extra large 22.5 dog by gund is sold out or discontinued. We found 101 related products.
Panda - Licorice Soft Chews Black - 7 oz. (200g) Panda has been producing the world's leading premium quality, soft licorice with real licorice root extract since 1927. Panda Licorice Soft Chews Black is made from All Natural ingredients. Panda Licorice Soft Chews Black doesn't contain fat, preservatives, artificial colors, flavors or white sugar. Panda Licorice Soft Chews Black has the Real Taste of Licorice. Panda - A fresh success! Panda Licorice Soft Chews Black comes in a package that has been developed specifically to keep the product soft, fresh and delicious tasting. Panda's success around the world is based on the freshness and unique consistency of the product. FAQ Why is there sometimes an uneven combination of product in a mix bag? Due to the production method of the mix bags, there might be slight variations in the mixture of components in the final product, so every bag could be slighlty different in terms of content. Why does the softness of licorice vary? Small variations in softness are normal for licorice, and the softness varies through the storage period. Why does the color of licorice vary?The color of licorice changes through its shelf life. Small color variations are normal for this type of product. Panda LicoriceFor thousands of years licorice has been believed to hold mystic, healing powers. People have used licorice to ward of evil spirits and as a remedy for stomach complaints, cough and chest infections. Today, however, licorice is enjoyed mainly for its delicious taste. The main ingredient of licorice is licorice root that grows wild in Southern Europe and Asia. The secret of the unique Panda flavor lies in carefully cooking meticulously selected raw materials and a production process of rich in tradition. In the same way as a perfume or wine master can notice even the smallest nuances of a fragrance, the Panda Executive Licorice Master also requires never-failing gustatory nerves.
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