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The lil kinz persian cat is sold out or discontinued. We found 1500 related products.
Guitar Amps - 65amps' Lil' Elvis owes a tonal debt to the British Invasion and classic American designs. With a 12AX7 front end and an EL84 power section, this vintage-flavored handwired guitar amp head delivers 12 of the loudest watts you'll ever hear. Innovative features include a footswitchable Bump control to take you from clean to dirty, a Master Voltage control that varies tube power-supply voltages to let the amp run normally down to a couple of watts without losing character, and a tremolo that preserves your pick attack. Like vintage amps? You'll love 65amps' Lil' Elvis. 65amps Lil' Elvis Tube Guitar Amplifier Head at a Glance:Vintage vibe is baked into Lil' ElvisMaster Voltage circuit preserves your tone at any volumeThe advantages of a 2-channel amp, without the complexitiesWhy you can't live without Bias TremoloA robust, roadworthy amp with a boutique sensibility65amps: by guitarists, for guitaristsVintage vibe is baked into Lil' ElvisWith its outstanding touch response and rich harmonic content, 65amps' Lil' Elvis instantly reminds you of the tastiest vintage tube amps you ever played. It even has a tube rectifier. When it comes to electric guitar tone, vintage, of course, is where it's at. But that doesn't mean that the best amps of yesteryear were perfect. Far from it. Drawing on over 50 years of collective amp-design wisdom, 65amps has studied and made note of what works and what doesn't. As the two principals of the company are both pro guitarists, they have a few additional items on their wish lists that take a great vintage-inspired amp design and put it over the top in terms of tone, reliability, and usable features. Master Voltage circuit preserves your tone at any volumeLil' Elvis is also packing some cool modern tricks in its stylish, roadworthy chassis. 65amps' Master Voltage circuit, for instance, is a giant step forward in power technology. No mere scaling schema, attenuator, or master volume, Master Voltage preserves your tone, authority, and touch response all the way down to two or three watts, making Lil' Elvis a scalable solution for recording and live gigs. (It's invaluable when you're using in-ear monitors.)The advantages of a 2-channel amp, without the complexitiesIn addition to 65amps' cool Master Voltage, Lil' Elvis is packing several other cutting-edge features that make it easy to take total control of your tone, onstage and in the studio. Lil' Elvis is a 1-channel amp, but that doesn't mean inconvenience or tonal compromise. 65amps' Bump control takes you from clean to dirty by switching the tube gain structure, with just a toetap on the included 2-button footswitch. So you can be cruising along with a glassy rhythm part, then kick Lil' Elvis into overdrive for a shredtastic solo. Why you can't live without Bias TremoloLove vintage tremolo? At Sweetwater, we do, too. What we're not overly fond of is losing the ictus of our notes when the trem just happens to be in the southern region of its cycle. So 65amps fitted Lil' Elvis with a very cool Bias Tremolo that preserves your pick attack by actuating after you hit your notes and tremming the decay. (65amps jokingly refers to it as Aftertrem.) This lets you play naturally and deploy the tremolo on a wide range of guitar parts where you would never think of using a conventional trem. Trust us. Once you've tried Bias Tremolo, you won't want to be without it.A robust, roadworthy amp with a boutique sensibilityHandcrafted in Southern California, 65amps' Lil' Elvis sports a boutique sensibility and sound to match. But Lil' Elvis is no effete snob; it's a hard-rockin' workhorse that'll take everything your tour schedule can dish out and ask for more. From its .09 aluminum chassis and finger-jointed Baltic birch cabinet to its Mercury handwound transformers and mil-spec hand wiring, this puppy is built. So when you take the stage with Lil' Elvis, you can concentrate on your performance, not your gear. Lil' Elvis also sports an effects loop, dual
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