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The linksys wet200 802.11b g wireless bridge is sold out or discontinued. We found 412 related products.
Linksys AC3200 Tri-Band Smart Wi-Fi Router Blazing-Fast Wi-Fi Speeds for Homes with Multiple Devices Designed for homes with lots of wireless devices, the Linksys AC3200 Tri-Band Smart Wi-Fi Router has a powerful 1 GHz dual-core CPU and bandwidth prioritization technology to simultaneously deliver the fastest Wi-Fi speeds* to all your connected devices. Six active antennas help eliminate dead spots while Beamforming technology focuses the Wi-Fi signal for faster downloads and stutter-free streaming and gaming. And with onboard Gigabit Ethernet and USB ports (including USB 3.0), the AC3200 ensures all your storage devices and peripherals are connected with blazing-fast transfer speeds. Tri-Band Wi-Fi with Smart Connect Technology The Linksys AC3200 features tri-band Wi-Fi to deliver the fastest combined speeds* to more connected devices. Smart Connect technology balances traffic load among the bands to enable combined speeds up to 3.2 Gbps*--that's up to double the speed of previous generation dual-band routers*. High-bandwidth and low-bandwidth data streams are automatically prioritized for optimal speed and performance. 1 GHz Dual-Core CPU for More Simultaneous Data Streams Not only is the AC3200 wireless router powered by a 1 GHz dual-core CPU, but it also has three integrated co-processors for a total of 2.96GHz of penta-core processing power. This means it can handle multiple high-speed data streams at once, delivering the fastest possible Wi-Fi connection to all your devices without compromising individual speed or performance. Six Active Antennas to Cover Your Whole Home Six active antennas (three fixed internal and three adjustable external) deliver strong, reliable Wi-Fi signal throughout your home, eliminating dead spots, even in multistory houses. Six amplified antennas provide multiple streams of data for top speed and maximum coverage on all your wireless devices. Beamforming Creates Stronger, Faster Connections With Wireless-AC technology, the AC3200 Wi-Fi router leverages Beamforming, an innovative technology that enables the router to strengthen the wireless signal to specific devices, rather than simply sending out Wi-Fi in a general direction. This results in faster network speeds, better wireless range, reduced interference from other devices, and stronger Wi-Fi connections. Smart Wi-Fi Software with Network Map for Greater Network Control With Linksys Smart Wi-Fi software, you can monitor and control your home network at any time, wherever you are. For example, Smart Wi-Fi allows you to restrict Internet access at certain times of the day with parental controls. It also allows you to create unique Wi-Fi passwords for your guests, monitor and add devices on your home network, and check upload and download speeds. In addition, this software allows you to prioritize which devices on your network get the most bandwidth. This enables you to reduce lag times and buffering when you're streaming media or playing online games. The AC3200 integrates a new feature of Smart Wi-Fi called Network Map. Network Map provides a visual overview of your network, allowing you to see all devices on your network, view their online status and signal strength, and measure how much bandwidth they're using at any time. Quickly transfer files via four Gigabit Ethernet ports.
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